20 July 2009

35 Weeks

Yesterday I thought my outfit was pretty cute...hurry grab the camera...I felt cute while pregnant!! LOL. It was quite a production to get a picture. I don't ask Justin to help me anymore because he complains and doesn't know what I want. Now my camera is tripod mounted with my remote controller set to 10 (second) mode. Amelia helped me by giving the remote back to me for half the pictures. Good thing one turned out!! Only 5 more weeks to go...hopefully!!

I am feeling pretty darn good right now. Getting around and sleeping on the floor are not so fun but bearable. I need my toes painted! I removed my old polish and haven't gotten around to holding my breath for a minute to get to my toes. Maybe one day this week.

We still have not narrowed down a name for the baby...sorry!! Justin and I are both too bull-headed to compromise. We may throw a surprise name or just call him Voldy for good. It is a good solid Romanian name, eh?