27 January 2013

Taste of Spring

I got a new crown in the mail last week. Just one I've wanted for years and finally found for sale. Amelia was more than excited to try it out for me. Her chosen personna of the hour was a Snow Princess, like the Swan Princess. She was dancing gracefully and posing so seriously that I almost laughed, but didn't. She is so sensitive. I love my little swan. I love how her ballet positions are showing now in her photos. After her photos she wanted to play photographer so took some photos of me and the boys. Pretty good! My camera is very heavy so watching her heft it up gives me some anxiety. At least she knows the strap comes first.
This week Phillip continued his crimes against fruit. Sunday evening he filled a bag with 3 bananas, a sliced up orange, 5 mini peppers, four strawberries, and some cheese sticks for good measure. He carried the bag around for the next 24 hours. He ended up with a bag of mushed up fruit and veggies. Eventually he declared the ensemble: disgusting!. Then he decided to eat the ends off the strawberries in 6 entire cartons. Everett was drawing on the sidewalk with a fistful just to do something with the ruined berries. I saved the rest in my blender. After the berries Phillip took 12 apples and threw them at our chain link fence. He was absolutely delighted when two of them got wedged into the links. I can just see the wavering fence jittering as apples pelted the fence. Everett watched him saying "no, no" and wagging his finger no.
Thursday Amelia celebrated the 100th day of school with her kindergarden class. They had a blast. I volunteered to help make fruit loop necklaces. By the time I got there the kids had made 100 day visors, weighed 100 objects, found 100 hershey kisses, and made the necklaces. The kids had to string the fruit loops in order of color by 10s. The kids were so eager to just get it done but had to wait for the entire class to string the cereal before going on to the next color. Amelia declared she was tired of counting to 100 for an entire day. She really was tired and a bit sick with a nasty cough and runny nose. Even with a daily dose of echinachea, Vitamin C, and such she still catches the school sicknesses. Poor kid slept from 8:45 pm to 9:20 am! She was not running a fever so she went to school tardy at 10:30 on Friday.
Everett's vocabulary is really expanding. Pretty much he repeats what we say and ask him to say. He can say:
I did it
Where are you
Bye-Bye Daddy
Love you
1-2-3 Go
Soggy Doggy
I poopy
Gabba Gabba
He is one funny little kid. He LOVES to give the biggest hugs ever. He runs at you with arms wide open then wraps those skinny arms around you neck and burrows his head in you neck. The best feeling ever! Recently he started giving kisses and often offers his forehead for Justin's morning kiss goodbye. Everett teethed his top two molars, his eye teeth and his bottom molars. I can see the buds for his bottom eye teeth coming up.
We had some exciting family developments come up over the past 10 days. A lady contacted me on FB and thus made contact with Justin and his family. In the end a happy reunion between friends and relations made for a really special and healing situation. We are so glad for the small and large miracles that come.

Yesterday the temps reached into the high 60s! We spent a lovely time with much of the rest of Sidney at the park and pond. Makes me pine for spring. The boys and I spent a couple lovely hours throughout the week outside digging in the dirt, throwing balls, and hanging from our tree like monkeys.