13 March 2009

An Update on Mia

Wee-dirt: Yogurt
Stery: Scary
Elepant: elephant
Staber: Strawberry
Ella Nack: Fruit Snacks
Dupes: Boots
Noo-nules: Noodles
Rouny round: Wheels on the Bus
Mia: Amelia
Chachits: Chocolate Milk
Eyebrew: Eyebrow
Mee-maw: Grandma
Schweetie: sweetie
Blinket: Blanket
Pingers: Fingers
Binty: Binky
Bess You: Bless you (said after every cough or sneeze)
Dolers: Color Crayons

She also is very fond of naming what belongs to Amelia, Mommy, and Daddy. She loves to pick up Daddy's pants, Daddy's shoes, and Daddy's shirt. With me she likes to name my different body parts then compare them to her own. She definitely knows what her toys and books are.

We recently banished her binky to bedtime. She is doing okay with out it. Every time we go on a walk or car ride she makes numerous requests for her binty. She does not like the loss of her binky except at sleepy time but we need to get ready for binky to make a permanent exit before number two baby makes its entrance. Some days I really want her to have it because she is so cranky but we persevere.

Amelia loves Sesame Street! She knows all the characters by name. When the show comes on she rattles off a list longer than my arm of all the monsters and characters. It is almost comical. She can count to 12 and say her ABCs if prompted. Her newest favorite show is Caillou, kinda dumb, but educational. She calls him "tai-lou." She also likes to talk to the baby in my tummy. I really wonder if she thinks I have a Walmart plastic baby in my tummy floating around. She wants to change the baby's diaper in my tummy. We are also experiencing more and more emotional outbreaks at any given moment. Yesterday we were on a walk and she flipped out because she didn't want her hat on, it was too cold to go without, then she wanted to walk instead of ride, on and on. I guess this is the price of infantile independence. I spend a huge amount of time redirecting her little emotions into more conducive avenues. At least for now she is easily redirected. She also loves to sweep, clean off her horsie and the floors with a towel, and wash her hands. What a fun little package to enjoy!!!