25 June 2010

Together Forever


Vintage Amelia


10 Months Old

Awwwww, my baby is 10 months old today. Stop that little guy! Stay a baby for a short while longer. This morning we had to be out the door by 8 am. Justin's car is finally getting a new belt so the entire city won't know when he is off to work or home for lunch due to the loud screeching. Since we were out at such an early time for us, I popped my vintage wagon and some vintage looking clothes for the kids and stopped for a photo shoot on the way home. My excellent friend Catherine let me borrow the dress Amelia wore and I found Phillip's outfit on eBay. With the tall grass the photos can be ageless if needed! I will post more of the kids together and Amelia later.

Phillip probably weighs about 20 pounds now, not chunky just pleasant and perfect. His top chompers are coming in so the little guy is a bit grumpy of late. He earned several new nicknames over the past month: phillip-buster, pheel's very dough boy, and squirrel. He loves to find little things on the floor and eat them. I find strange stuff in his diapers all the time. I swear the floor is mostly clean! The strangest thing I found was a piece of Styrofoam and a length of yarn (green, at least he has good taste in color). We are introducing finger foods. He love macaroni and cheese, peas, shredded cheese, bananas, fruits, and dry cereal. Some games he engages in now are "So Big" and peek-a-boo. The little monkey shakes his head "No" all the time and says "no, no, no, no" when warned away from something. Just last week he started to duck his head into my shoulder when he meets a stranger. Oh, I love that stage! The trust these small babies manifest is so heart-warming. He can also say, "Ma-ma" and know it means me, not just a babble anymore. What a delight!

He loves his sister so much. She blows on his toes, which he loves. He has a very special laugh I only hear when Amelia is being silly. Watching them interact just about bursts my heart at the seams with love and joy. Justin and I are super blessed.