29 April 2014

Evelyn, 8 Months Old

Evelyn made several advancements in the past month. She can roll over! Hooray. A couple days ago she started razzing her tongue while she plays with toys. We love to hear her making sweet noises. She is also starting to clap her hands together, not when we make excited claps but just on her own. Soon she will reciprocate. Justin noticed that Evelyn has an umbilical hernia. It popped out a couple weeks ago. So far it does not seem to bother her, just looks a little strange. Her little hair sticks up in back like Alfalfa. She has two cowlicks in contrasting swirls that causes her hair to stick up. We think it is pretty darn cute. Evelyn is now eating 4 solid food meals each day and nursing 4 times. She sleeps from 9:30 pm to 8 am, naps 9:20-noon and 2-5 pm, sometimes a cat nap at 7. She sleeps more than she is awake. She is starting to pick up her own food with pincher fingers. Last week Evelyn weighed 15 lbs 02 oz, just one ounce gained since 6 mths old. She grew taller but not wider. LOL. Lately she is so happy and smiley. We love her so much.