19 November 2009

Lacking a Creative Title

Here is a documentary of the "death by pork product" we made for Justin's birthday dinner. First weave bacon (7x7); layer on 2 pounds of sausage; sprinkle dry rub, add crumbled bacon (1 pound), saturate with BBQ sauce and more rub; roll sausage from top to bottom (not the weaved bacon), then roll the sausage up in the weaved bacon, season with more rub; smoke for 4-5 hours, then enjoy the feeling of your hardening arteries. Delish!
Mia's room

Phillip's and Master Bed rooms

Living Room

Kitchen and Dining Room

I finally took some pictures of our house so far. Tuesday I just bought some cute rugs for the kid's room and curtains for our other bedroom window. I need to order some picture prints to complete the bedroom decor and the living room. We've entertained several times already so the moving portion is behind us! This week I focused on the hidden areas like closets, drawers, etc. Justin cleared out the garage after work so now we can both fit our cars inside. Mia helped me clean my car's interior this morning. She loves to wipe "spray" (windex) from any surface you allow her. As testament that the moving part is over, I pulled out my sewing machine and whipped up two adorable skirts and shirts for a customer. I can't wait to finish the hats so you can see the whole outfits.

Tuesday was a big day for Phillip. We had an appointment with a pulmonary specialist from Denver. She has an outreach clinic in Scottsbluff. I conned Alison into going with me with a promised stop at Target and JoAnn's. She drove due to our numerous carseats. We did stop at Target for way too long! Christmas shopping is completed!! House shopping is almost completed. We met with Dr Kahn at noon. She first took his entire life history, which thankfully is short. Our main reason for this visit are two concerns I have:

1. it seems like his air passages become obstructed (by skin or something) that causes him to stop breathing. Often this happens while nursing. To catch his breath he has to unlatch and draw breath. Related to this is the level of noise he makes...Phillip is extremely gurgly, raspy, and bubbly when he breathes. The kid can nearly out snore Justin. Also, when he gets excited or stops breathing the base of his throat will sink in quite deep.
2. He may have a minor case of apnea while sleeping. This comes and goes but causes concern due to Justin's sleep apnea.

Dr Kahn took my concerns and then examined Phillip. He came down with a nasty cough and stuffy nose so she could not isolate any issues. She wants to conduct an internal exam to see what is obstructing his airways, then conduct a sleep study to observe his possible apnea. Her secretary is supposed to schedule an appointment for the second week of December. We will stay over night for the procedure. I am NOT worried, just concerned about the little guy. Our home teachers gave him a blessing on Monday for his nasty cold. He is all better now! Today he was a happy camper, just cooing and smiling at anything or anyone that moved. Once we returned home from Scottsbluff I locked my keys in the trunk like a nerdbonker. So....I helped Alison rearrange her living room until Justin got off work. LOL.

Wednesday I helped teach the YW some crochet basics. It is hard to teach someone else! By the end of YW most could chain and do a single crochet. Tuesday night Phillip and I were also gone for visiting teaching appointments. I feel like we've been gone all week long!

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