04 March 2013

Denver Temple Trip

Our YW volunteered to watch kids down in Denver so parents could attend the temple. We decided to make it a fun weekend. We left after Justin got home from work on Thursday. I spent the day packing and prepping the carpets for a good cleaning. The carpet cleaners came while we were gone on Friday. We had some dinner in Sterling then drove the 3 hours to Denver. Justin booked a hotel near the temple with a fun pool. Our room was on the main floor just past the reception desk. That was the best room ever! Phillip made us all laugh right before we fell asleep. He started poking Justin in obscure places with his toes (something I am very familiar with) then started licking Justin's arm. Justin was so surprised that he laughed, which made us all laugh, and unfortunately egged Phillip on.
Friday we drove to the Children's Museum for a fun morning in a crowded museum with kids running amuck all over the place. I noticed that kids get a particular look in their eyes while they are in situations like the discovery museum. Crazy. Everett and Phillip loved the Fire Truck, bubbles, and ball station. Amelia's favorite by far was the bubble room and art station. For lunch we met up with Sean and Elaine Curry and their five kids. They live in Ft Colins, CO so not very far away at all. We decided on Panera for lunch. We were so excited to meet the Curry family, Heidi Curry in particular. She is our little niece and cousin to our kiddos. Amelia sat next to Heidi and soon they were tickling and talking like sock puppets over lunch. The adults enjoyed chatting over lunch. Elaine searched for the Call family for quite some time. She tried a google search using the names of some Call kids. Somehow or another she found my blog and contacted me on FB a while back. It was quite a miracle to have contact after so many years. After lunch we decided to swim at our hotel so made a stop at Target for swim suits for the Curry family. The kids had a blast swimming. We even had the requisite injury and crying that happens at any family party. I decided on Greek food for dinner. I found a mom and pop Greek bar that luckily turned out delicious. Heidi and Amelia were so silly on the ride over. Heidi can imitate voices quite well, she had us all giggling. Both boys fell asleep during the 10 minute drive. Phillip snuggled on Justin's chest until the food arrived. I am amazed at how simply our little reunion was, simple, fun, and full of vibrance. Heidi is one cute, smart, organized little girl. Amelia is excited to see her cousin again...soon.
Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning getting ready for the temple. We dropped the kiddos off at 10:30 then went off for our temple visit. It was very peaceful. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I slept during most of the session. Some strange thing happens when the lights go off in a warm comfy room. Guess that is what happens when you have three small kids and another on the way. Towards the end of the session I did feel very blessed to know how keen Heavenly Father is to hear our prayers and thoughts. The reminder came that he even listens to my prayers as I chase active boys down the hall strewing clean laundry from heck to breakfast. We picked up the kids and had some lunch before starting back home. I loved coming home to clean, fluffy carpets! Awesome. We put the house back together, started more laundry, and I picked up our Bountiful Basket.
Yesterday we had dinner at with the Woods and Smuins. Sarah made a yummy crockpot lasagna and rolls, I brought rolls, Meagan brownies and punch. Little Everett is quite the whiny pants lately. He is so whiny that I often give in and let him walk around with his binky. The kid spends more time crying then happy. Makes me sad! I hope he can deal with such a small change in the future. Binky loves are going away sooner rather than later.