22 June 2013

Pitting Cherries

Amelia went to a 3 day gymnasrics camp at Mrs Margaret's new studio. She was up at 6:30 dressed in a swimsuit ready to go. She learned how to roll, cartwheel, walk on a beam, and other fun new skills she can practice all summer. I somehow forgot to upload the gymnastics photos with this post. Now we are in Utah and away from my computer. With a forecast of 100 on Monday I decided on a trip to Sterling pool.  The weather was perfectly hot, the water cool and refreshing! All the kids did a great job with their floaties and staying in my line of sight. At first Everett was not so keen on the water, once he learned to trust his floatie he was a fish in water. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we watched RJ Wood while his dad worked and mom went to Girl's camp. Ironically, Phillip and RJ get along amazingly. They gang up on Everett. We played in the yard most of the day with the pool and hose. I found a swing at the consignment store that totally works hung from our tree. The swing is a huge hit! Wednesday evening Amelia helped me pit about 35 lbs of cherries. I froze them to use in smoothies, ice cream, and desserts. She loved to pit the cherries and help me sort the cherries. I enjoy those moments teaching how fun work can be. Wednesday the kids had a blast chipping toys frozen in large bowls of water. They used real hammers! I wished the fun lasted longer then 5 minutes. Justin installed a car top carrier on the van. It was a little frustrating for him to get it working correctly. He eventually used blunt force to get the left side hinges working. 

Thursday I worked on laundry and getting stuff packed for our trip. We had a fun picnic at the park with several friends. I wanted to drive to Bridgeport Lake but the weather was too cold and windy. Amelia lost her second tooth! She let me yank it out with dental floss. The tooth fairy paid her a visit! She was very, very excited and quite brave this time around. 

Friday was packing day. I am always amazed at the amount of stuff needed to go travel to Utah. This time I had to pack stuff for two weeks of regular vacation and then extra stuff for a week of camping. Phew! The car top carrier totally saved the day. Our plan is to stay the 15th-23rd of June with Charity, the 23rd June- 02 July between James and Miekka and Grandma/Grandpa's. The Lances are having a fun reunion in Idaho for 5 days of camping. Justin is driving back to Nebraska on the 22nd for work and church commitments. 

We left early Saturday morning for our long drive(s) to Utah. It was pretty uneventful! Amelia rode with Justin the last 3 hours of our trip. Cousin time is amazing! The kids went swimming for an hour or so before bedtime. Phillip and Everett just adore Mason. He played with them in the pool, so adorable. Reagan taught Amelia to flip off the side of the pool! 

Yesterday we drove down to my parent's home for a Father's Day dinner. Apparently my message only reached my mom. We walked in while dad was Skyping with John. He about dropped his teeth! I think this was the first Father's Day in 15 years I was home to enjoy some dad time. Joe made the most amazing waffles for dinner accompanied with juice, eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Dad showed us the progress made on his planned garage. He dug an impressive trench to hold conduit. I think the garage is due to go up within the next couple weeks. This evening Spenser, 
Laura, their 5 kids, plus Raquel and 2 kids are all due to arrive. Party!!!!

09 June 2013

Cabela's Shareholder's Meeting

We had a pretty typical summer week! Monday Stella came over to play. She was not keen on playing in the sprinkler or having Phillip interrupt their playtime. She said Phillip makes playdates just horrible. LOL. He is pretty intent on getting in the way. I made some chalk paint with corn starch, water, and food coloring. It paints on watery but once it dries the colors pop. The kids seemed to enjoy the paint quite a bit. We went an saw Epic for FHE. Amelia LOVED it! She can't wait to watch it again. Everett liked the movie until his popcorn and sucker lasted (about 20 minutes). Luckily, the theater was mostly empty so he walked the aisle enjoying an unfettered view. My gorgeous poppies popped open this week. I did not know that I planted pink ones! Surprise!

Tuesday we went to the park for a little while. Seems like it was quite windy that day. Wednesday was the highlight of our week. Cabela's spent 10 days setting up for their annual Shareholders meeting at the high school. Set up was pretty intense! Some workers even built a rock, mulch, taxidermy water fountain in the parking lot. Tuesday the entire front of the building was blocked off to traffic. Wednesday morning Amelia ran outside and immediately tore back inside yelling about a large fish outside the high school. Indeed! A colossal blow up trout was staked to the ground  towering above the high school. I am still laughing! We got dressed and walked over to check out the party. The fountain looked amazing, tents and camping gears scattered the lawn, and a dozen food tents lined the driveway. Across the way a large covered eating area covered the street. Crazy. I heard over $1 mil went into funding this extravagant one-day party. We met Justin outside for lunch. Each booth offered different types of outdoor cooking. The most popular by far was the booth offering crayfish and jambalaya. The kids scored Pizza Hut, homemade root beer, and ice cream. There were so many different types of smoked meats, dutch oven meals, and desserts it was almost overwhelming. Home Free Vocal Band, an a cappella group entertained us for an hour. We headed inside the high school where the gym was transferred into a small looking Cabela's store featuring some of the top vendors at the store. Phillip product tested a large tent, duck blind, and some duck hiding camo things. The news reported that the company is doing very well. Hooray for job security. I photographed a family whose oldest dog is dying of cancer. The dogs acted like 3-4 year olds (Phillip)! It was a fun challenge. I feel bad that my friends are losing such a loyal friend, they were unable to have kids for quite a long time. Their two dogs were their babies bringing days of comfort during a hard time.

The next day most of the party was torn down, the fountain is coming down a bit at a time. Folks are calling the extravagant decoration: The Fountain for a Day. We spent a good three hours at the park riding bikes, having a picnic, and playing! I photographed a family of 7 kids from our ward. Their oldest son just returned from a mission and their next son is leaving next month to Brazil. Amelia is almost ready to learn how to ride her bike with no training wheels. Friday was National Doughnut Day, I enjoyed having a reason to get a doughnut.

Saturday we packed the kids into the truck for a trip to Home Depot. Justin will install a door under the basement stairs to give us a little more storage room while the kids and I are in Utah. I plan on putting my studio props and supplies, some larger toys, and more food storage into the new closet. Justin got a new saw, drill, and other manly gadgets plus a framed/hung door. We tried out a new park near Home Depot in Sterling. It was a fun little park. Amelia pretended to have a horse named Serafina. Since the carseats were out of the van I cleaned the van seats, vacuumed, and spiffed up the back area. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the kids trash the van. Justin washed the van and the inside carpets at the carwash. I washed and sun-bleached all the newborn and 0-3 month baby clothes. We are getting excited to welcome our newest daughter.

**I was feeling down this week. Sometimes being a stay-at-home Mom is a lonely, thankless job. I wish there was more time to visit with friends and make new ones. Naptime is very important to me right now so half our day is at home. The rest is spent cleaning, cooking and entertaining kiddos. When I do have "me-time" I am so tired that I fall asleep. LOL.   

02 June 2013

Sidney Circus

This week went by super fast. I like Monday holidays! We had a windy and stormy week. Tuesday night we had another stretch of dangerous storm cells. Two tornados were spotted touching down outside of Sidney. I was making dinner when the sirens went off...we rushed outside instead of downstairs to see the view. From our porch we could not see much except for the pale green colored clouds indicating hail. The kids had a fun basement picnic. Later we were in the basement when Justin asked what the strange noises were...I responded: torrential rain? Indeed. Rain was coming down so fast and hard all the sewer drains were overwhelmed. Rain came up past our grass. Makes us feel nervous when the floods come that close to our home.

Thursday Miss Ella came to play while her Mom and brothers mowed lawns and took care of rental properties. It was super windy and a bit cold for the next 4 days. We went to the kids store and found several pairs of flip flops and a cute dress for Amelia. I found a tank top to use for an applique to coordinate with a skirt she has. The kids really wanted to have a lemonade stand. The kids endured the wind nicely! All the kids yelled "Lemonade! 25 Cents a cup!" for an hour or more. They sold 6 quarts of lemonade earning $16.50 in less than an hour. That was the most lucrative lemonade we've ever hosted. I think the workers from Cabela's down the street at the High School helped!

We endured the wind again Friday for a jaunt to the park. It was so windy Everett was knocked over twice. I hate when the wind gets that bad (over 25 mph). I had a little scare with the baby...she did not move much for over 24 hours. I went to the clinic just to have the Dr listen for a heartbeat. She started moving a bit but her heart rate was on the low side. Ironically, the nurse told me to go drink 36 oz of a caffeinated drink. I did not listen to that advice, just ate a little sugar snack to get my blood pressure up a little. We went to the Shriner's circus after dinner with the other half of Sidney. The show was outside in the wind and 55 degree temps. It was the strangest "circus" ever! I can almost say I've seen just about everything. We wanted to ask the tiger trainer to give a hand at training Phillip. The kids were happy with the circus...mostly because they got lollipops and gummy worms. Everett started running a fever after the circus.

Saturday we went to the furniture store to check out bunk beds for the kids. I want to get the kids in one room soon. I think they will need the summer to adjust to sleeping 3 kids in one room, I don't want Amelia to lose sleep around the time school starts. We went to Cabela's to get some kid sleeping bags for our coming camping trip in Idaho. The wind trashed the plastic covering my garden. Half of the plants are shredded and dried up by now. Grrrr. After dinner the library hosted a kick off event for the summer reading program. All the kids are now signed up for the reading program! We let the kids run around the gym until the movie, Bug's Life started. Amelia really wanted to go so we went home and she bathed super quick. I took her back to watch the movie. Phillip insisted on sleeping in his new sleeping bag on the floor with his ever present headlamp. 

***Justin is chuckling over this Phillip story: we were on our way out of Mi Ranchito Friday before the circus. Phillip ran back into the foyer and whipped a quarter out of his pocket and bought himself a gumball. He raided Justin's coin cup earlier and came prepared to FINALLY get something out of the coin machines.