31 August 2011

We're BEET

Ha, ha. We're beet?! Yep, on more than one level. Saturday was a busy day. Justin had an Elder's Quourm activity all morning then helped the Haley's move the rest of their stuff until 4:30. Only a couple guys showed up to help out so that was a bit frustrating for everyone involved. Saturday night we went to the park for a little while then had ice cream at DQ. Everett started running a fever that evening. I expected a fever after getting immunized. This time it lasted a lot longer than usual with more side effects.

Our first week in nursery was fun. We have 8-11 kids at one time, which is a vast improvement over the 2-3 we used to have. Thankfully another parent decided to come and play with us. Justin held the baby until he fell asleep. Then we had music, snack, lesson, and activity. Phew! Should be interesting to say the least. I plucked a huge beet from our garden.

Monday and Tuesday poor Everett was very sick. He acted like his ears were bothering him so I took him into the DR on Tuesday but they said he looked just fine, except for the constant crying. Monday night he would only sleep if I held him a certain way. It also seemed that even touching him caused pain. My heart strings pull watching the little tyke suffer like that. He is finally acting more normal today. I am starting to feel sick again. Everett and I keep swapping sick germs. Plus a missed night of sleep did not help. My arms are getting buff from toting around a 13 lb kid. Guess we just needed to pay a copay to figure out he was getting better. I started piano lessons yesterday for Traeli. This term I only have two students.

Amelia and Phillip super, duper, pooper love Phillip's new dump truck. Not for dumping but for giving and getting rides. Last night they raced up and down the walks pushing each other. Phillip was not a very straight driver, he kept bonking into the pavers nearly popping Amelia out. It is funny to watch them play together. They also started a funny game at the dinner table. They each take a bite, then yell: "DUUUUUUUUDE!" I am not sure why this is funny but they love it. Phillip suddenly learned how to pronounce the "K" sound. He asks for milK, with a capital K. He asks for Kakalate (chocolate) MILK about 5 times a day.

Today I noticed Everett started bringing his feet up to his chest on purpose! He is pretty close to grabbing his toes. Ella came over to play in the sideyard. We filled up the pool and put our new/old slide (thanks Alison) inside. The kids played and played! I put Phillip and Everett down for naps then went to check on the girls. They both stopped me in the garage saying I would get mad if I saw what they did. That made me pretty curious. They made sand pies! I laughed! They piled sand, grass, leaves, and marshmallows into a bowl and poured water on the concoction. Ella made a special perfume in a spray bottle with grass and water. Next week we start preschool. Yikes! I need to get ready since I am teaching the first week. Today Amelia said, "Mom do you know what bumble bees are? The bumbles are bees... and the bees are bumbles." Perfect sense! LOL.