12 November 2010

Premier Snow

Finally! Our first snow of the year! Last year we had snow the beginning of October, now it is nearly Thanksgiving. Amelia was in heaven. Thursday morning we woke up to 2-3 inches of snow, it snow steadily until about 11 providing another good inch of thick snow. Amelia did not notice the snow when she woke up. I had to convince her to look outside. When she finally did her snow gear was on and she was rearing to go in about 30 seconds flat. Phillip got his first memorable peek at the snow. He was not so sure why the window scene looked so different. We all suited up and played in the snow for a good hour. Phillip soon discovered he could eat snow. He ate the snow off the front steps until I moved him to a more germ free location. Phillip looked so grown up in his snow gear. His feet still curl into a crawling position so his boots refused to stay on. He went down for a nap while Amelia and I shoveled the walks, made snow angels, tasted snowflakes, and made snowballs. Heaven! Once she was tuckered out and cold we headed inside. I tried to introduce her to "warm" chocolate, it was stone cold by the time she drank hers. We had a nice snuggle day in the basement.

Phillip is a funny dude. A week or so ago he learned to put a hat on his head all by himself. Every so often I will catch a glimpse of him sporting a girl hat, a pair of undies, a sock, or an adult-sized hat. I about died laughing when he popped one of Amelia's underwear on his head and giggled at his accomplishment. He chortles with delight every time he successfully gets a hat on his head. After our "snowing" (Amelia's word for playing in the snow), he found one of my hats and put it on. The effect was so funny I had to take a photo. Phillip is trying so hard to talk. He keeps up a steady flow of gabbing while he is awake. Yesterday he practiced getting up from a sit to a stand. He clapped whenever he succeeded. That kid is so kissable.

Amelia's eye is an art display of color. I caught her applying my purple lip gloss to her eyelashes and eyelid. She was happy to report the purple matched her eye candy colors. She lost her Fork, the girl reindeer...again...today. Phillip probably chucked her out of the cart during our Walmart trip, in Scottsbluff. She was crushed! Crying and moaning over poor reindeer. Broke my heart. Reindeer is banned to the home now, even on long trips in the car. I am running out of pink bunny fabric to replace the neckerchief of the Cabela's toy reindeer.

I forgot to mention a huge milestone last week. Phillip is finally done nursing! I enjoy nursing my babies, but it is still nice to get my body back.

We made an impromptu trip to Scottsbluff this morning. The new snow made for a gorgeous drive. All the trees were covered with a white blanket of snow. A light mist brought a dreamy, white effect to the landscape. I nearly had tears due to the beauty. It was one of those reverent scenes that comes to mind of a private place to ponder and feel closer to the Savior. Mmmmm! We went shopping at a real Walmart. Oh man, it was hard not to go crazy. I was delighted over their ethnic food selection. The Walmart actually carried tahini, tabbouleh, cumin seeds, golden curry, and oriental seasonings. Our non-existent stock is now a skeleton stock. I was delighted to find their fabric section still intact. Hooray for cheap fabric! I got a couple pieces of cream and chocolate for lining and ruffled diaper covers (can't wait to show you). Walmart started carrying new chunky yarns at a great price. I can't wait to slide my fingers through that chunky yarn. More projects are in the works. We nearly missed our Dr appointment over the excitement at Walmart. I had to see a specialist up in Scottsbluff, nothing major or minor, just getting my tonsils (sorta embarrassing) checked out. I have a return visit next month to get a scope crammed down my throat and hopefully my tonsils will come out. It is embarrassing that my tonsils are still intact and acting up for so many years. I hear tonsil surgery is not so much fun. The kids were good but tired. Phillip slept the entire drive home (90 minutes).

Justin is off hunting Bambi's father tomorrow. It is supposed to be really cold with a chance of snow. He finally told me that all next week is slated for potential days off so he can bag a deer. If he does not get a deer tomorrow then he will be out in the wild mediating life and hunting until he bags one. Please pray for him. I am extremely grossed out that when he gets one, the sucker will hang in our garage for a week to cure. Gag me with a spoon. Nasty flea bitten critter. The meat will be nice. We will process the meat into hamburger, blending the deer meat with 25% beef burger. It makes a burger that tastes pretty game-less. Happy Birthday! Can I go to Denver all by myself until I find the right pair of jeans? You stay home with the kids! Even Steven. I know, dreaming!