25 March 2011

Photography Fun

Here is a sneaky peek at some of the photos taken of baby Kaitlyn Perry and Everett Lance during our Utah trip. You can see more on my photo blog.

I am about to *die*...just FYI. My lower back decided to crap out on the drive home. Yesterday my back completely gave out. Could barely walk. The wandering chiropractor is not in town until next week. I am grateful for hot packs and couches today.


Monday we stayed around cleaning, repacking the van, and spending the last couple hours visiting with the grandparents and cousants. We then went shopping at 5 or 6 stores picking up items hard to find in Sidney. The kids finally got new socks, me some maternity jeans, Justin some work pants, new undies, and a monkey for little Kaitlyn. We drove to Miekka's for a moment before heading down to Provo with Aunt Jana in tow. I REALLY wanted to visit the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU MOA. Justin rented two iPads (stinkin' cool by the way) loaded with a tour of the gallery. Phillip was at the end of his little rope so was quite the little stinker. Amelia helped me work my iPad. She loves art so it was not hard to help her find cool little tidbits around the gallery. Carl Bloch is simply amazing. His collection of work always touches my heart. He has a depth of perception and emotion his paintings portray. I had the impression that the show was much larger and grander than it turned out to be. One day maybe I can see the Frederiksborg Castle Chapel in person.

We had a fun Tepanyaki style dinner in Provo with Jana, James, Miekka, and all our kids. Amelia loved the theatrics but the onion fire volcano scared her a bit. Phillip's eyes were huge! Little Lia and Phillip were pretty funny to watch. We ate some good Japanese food. Mmmm, mmm good. James stopped off at Krispy Kreme for a doughnut snack. I've enjoyed many a FHE evening doughnut with the Lances. That is a great tradition. We snuck into John, Courtney and Jana's home for some much needed rest.

Tuesday Justin and I planned to attend the temple. Course, I was the one to damper our plans. First, we rushed to do some laundry for some clean Sunday clothes, then we overslept, then we left the house in a hurry to get the kids over to Miekka's. Once at the Bountiful temple I realized my wallet was in my camera bag back at the Lances. Shoot, dang. So we ran back to get my wallet then drove out to Jordan River temple for a session of washings/anointings. The kids had fun so everything ended up working out fine.

Courtenay came over to James and Miekka's home to visit and play. The kids had a blast playing outside. Miekka kept two bins of hand-me-down clothes for Court and I to go through. While sorting through the bins I lost track of time and Phillip. Seth came in to let us know Phillip was not in the backyard. I checked on him about 15 minutes before hand. We all swarmed the backyard, the front yard, then fanned out to find him. I noticed a lady walking pretty fast down the street, she asked me if we lost a child. Phillip was handing out knuckles to a policeman, several guys, ladies, and kids as folks tried to locate us. Apparently, Phillip walked all the way to 4500 south and tried to cross the street. A cross walk guard was on duty and quickly snatched him before he got hurt. I was not too worried or upset until later when the gravity of the situation became apparent. I am almost expecting a nice little visit from Nebraska child services to assess our parenting skills. Thank goodness angels watch over our little ones.

John and Court made a delicious taco salad for everyone. It was fun to hear snatches of conversations from Joe, Jeff, John, James, and Jana. Everett let me take some cute photos of him outside before the sun set. Before long our van was stuffed to the rafters ready for our trip home. We left again at 4 am and made it home by 3:15 pm. Phillip amused himself with a lollipop for a good hour. He was one sticky mess. Even his eyelashes were stuck to his eyelids. The new DVD system was ah-mazing. Loved how much simpler everything is now. Alison needed some supplies in Cheyenne so we stopped for a while to stretch our legs and do more shopping. It is so great to be home again.