17 January 2016

26 Days Left

I got a new phone on Wednesday. It pretty much rocks...but in the process of playing with my phone I accidentally deleted the new photos I took this week.  Darn it. The best photo of the week was of Evelyn at church today! She waltzed into sacrament meeting wearing a cute blue dress, jean jacket, pig tails, and pink princess sunglasses. She totally owned her entrance today. Oh well. At least I did not lose much.

Tuesday I had a Dr appointment with Shaw. She is letting me still see her every other week until after my next appointment, at 37 weeks. I get the group B strep shot and then will see her for the next two weeks. Looks like I could be induced on the 11th of February if things are moving on their own down there. I promise to be ready. LOL. This pregnancy seemed to be more difficult than my other 4 full-term pregnancies. I am dead tired all time, like I could nap all day no problem at all. This baby is super high, which means thankfully my pelvic floor is not in any pain, on the contrary my ribs and sides ache with acute intensity all day long. It takes about 2 hours after I lay down for the night for the pain to diminish. I hurt most of the day from just sitting, standing, and being awake. I do feel better if my right arm is extended over my head! I look like a student with a question. My right hand decided to go numb all the time, especially while I sleep. It is so annoying to wake up with shooting pain in my hand and arm because it has low blood circulation. The entire bathroom situation is out of control, I have to pee all the time. I even look at a glass of water and "presto!" have to pee. The worst is the ongoing nausea and heart burn. It is bad. I try to take vinegar to suppress the acid in my stomach, each time I end up wrenching my guts out over the porcelain God. This kid better have curly hair after all this heart burn. LOL.

Justin is in the middle of the busy season, compiling the yearly reports and such. We all miss having him around for dinner. My mom suggested I hire someone to help deep clean my house. Two of the ladies I visit teach clean houses so one of them came on Tuesday and cleaned the main bathroom, vacuumed the Living Room, and spruced up the kitchen. She spent over two hours on the bathroom alone. Next week she will spend more time deep cleaning the kitchen. While she cleaned I put away all the week's laundry, and cleaned what I could. I enjoyed getting to know Marcia better as well. She is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, we had a fun hybrid conversation in Portuguese.

Wednesday I took all the kids with me to church. The YW and Activity Day Girls had a line dancing activity. The YW taught the girls 5 new line dances....with the girl's mothers present. Amelia and I had a super great time dancing up a storm. Evelyn often joined in to boogie down with us. The boys were entertained by the YM present for Scouts. Everett melted down right as we were leaving because he was having such a great time. I was pretty upset before we left because Amelia and Phillip would not get their homework completed. Both kids ended up taking their homework to church. Phillip told me a whopper of a lie, that he finished his homework. He spent the entire time playing. He earned a no electronics consequence for a week. We talked a bit this week that lying to your parents is the worst!

Thursday I got to drag the kids back to the church for a RS activity. The presidency had a gorgeous table set up for a Hot Chocolate bar. We heard from 5 ladies about areas we can make New Years resolutions in. The talks were very inspiring. Justin picked up the girls on his way home and stopped to get the boys from gymnastics on his way home. Amelia really likes her new piano teacher, Sister Hill. She does a great job teaching her scales and drilling her on muscle builders. Amelia loves to earn Reese's cups for the days she practices.

Friday morning the Sister Missionaries, Rose, and I (plus two kids) drove out to Peetz for Visiting Teaching. I introduced the sisters to Marcia. It seems that Marcia is receptive to the idea of coming back to church. The spirit was there even with two kids pretending to be dogs and spreading cracker crumbs on her couch. When we got to the Betony's I could feel something was wrong with Nora. Turns out her 93 year old mother is in the hospital and near death. Her feet were amputated earlier this week due to diabetes complications. Nora was beside herself as she was unable to go say goodbye to her mom. Their new van already needs a new CV joint. I ordered the part for them and had Jimmy go pick it up in Sterling. I hope she can make it before her mother passes on. I wish there was more we could do to support the family AND get them back to church.

Our weekend was pretty laid back. Justin and Amelia spent part of the morning removing ice from the sidewalks and driveway...only to get a couple inches of new snow this morning. LOL. The boys played Super Mega Power Rangers, dressed up in costumes to boot. Sister Hill threw me a baby shower! I enjoyed another ladies night out! Amelia came with me. She had a great time wrapping herself in tissue paper and ribbon. Course I lost the photos from the baby shower. Jen, Sheena, and Kelly came as well, they are my good non-member friends. Jen borrowed the truck twice this week, so we followed her back home and traded keys again. I came home with diapers, wipes, a bouncer, and a couple little outfits. Thanks ladies! That was very sweet.

Phillip and Justin worked on writing a talk for primary. Several teachers were impressed with Phillip's story! Here is his talk:

A couple of weeks ago, I decided all on my own to take my Book of Mormon to Kindergarten for Show and Tell. When it was mine turn I stood up and showed everyone the Book of Mormon. I told everybody in my class that the Book of Mormon is special. I then told them that Jesus wants everyone to read the Scriptures.

In 2 Nephi 32:3 it says:

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.

I told my class in Kindergarten that they should read the scriptures because they are the words of Christ. I know that when we read the Book of Mormon we are reading the words of Christ. I know that the Holy Ghost will help us understand and feast on the Scriptures.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.