09 September 2012

Big Pile of MUD

We made it through this past week. It took guts, humor, and patience. Our "To-Day Bor Day is Labor Day" was not so fun. Justin developed the flu late Sunday night and spent a horrid night dealing with that. The kids and I tried to stay out of his way. By evening we were all stir crazy so I made a mud puddle for the kids to muck about in. That was the highlight of their day. Amelia's skirt had troubles staying up with all the mud weighing it down.
Tuesday Justin stayed home from work to rest and get over his flu. A retinue of workers spent the morning fixing the sewer, filling in the holes, and cleaning up. I will rest easier knowing we don't have two deep holes for curious kids to explore. We got word that another home a block or two away had the same issue over the weekend. Gross! Thankfully we won't have to pay for the damage done.
Wednesday I started feeling under the weather. Just extreme fatigue and headaches. I finally started to feel better today. Friday we had Cydahlee and Romain (twins) over for the day. Phillip was glad for some friends to play with. Three 3 year olds with limited language skills made for a very silly day. Phillip was accepted into an awesome preschool on Friday...until she asked me if he was potty trained. Bummer. I was beyond excited to have him socialize and learn with a good teacher and other kids. Maybe next year?!
My craft room is finally clean, inside and out. That took me a while to finish. Now I really want to craft but don't want to make a mess. Creative minds are not so tidy. Mia started having accidents in her pants this week. Not sure what the hang up is. Justin and I had fun doing some role plays of situations at school she might encounter where she has to ask to use the bathroom. I enjoyed watching Joyful Noise. It reminded me of Sister Act.
Justin and I had a date out on the town. What did we do? Went to Oya Grill (Mexican-ish food), shopping at Safeway, Walmart, and browsing at Cabela's. We pushed the evening over the top with an ice cream treat at DQ. Talk about walking the line of excitement.
**our ward is growing again! In the last month about 5 new families moved to Sidney. So exciting to have new growth.