14 March 2009

Two Funny Stories

Amelia wearing Daddy's winter socks

Number 1:
Yesterday Amelia and I went grocery shopping. Safeway has cool carts with a little plastic car attached on the front. Amelia willingly (amazing!) went into the car and buckled in. I shopped for about 10 minutes before heading to the check out. Somewhere along the way she grabbed 3 York Peppermint Patties from her advantageous perch. She somehow opened all three packages and took bites out of all three. By the time I noticed what was going on she was covered in chocolate and yelling, "Yummy Mommy, iso Yummy!" The checker looked at me like I was a bad mom. We paid for the contraband and made a smooth exit. She was really happy about her gain and yummy treat. Got to watch her when she's in a super fun cart.

Number 2:
Amelia is very interested to know what parts of her body are called. A couple weeks ago she asked me what my chest area was called. In a swift thinking maneuver I told her my chest called "boobies." Now Daddy has boobies, Amelia has boobies, Mommy has boobies, even her Mimi and dolly have boobies. Last night we were looking at her picture book filled with family pictures. At the beginning of the album is a picture of the Christus. She points to the picture and says, "Jesus!" As I turn the pages I can see the wheels turning, she turns the page back and points to his chest exclaiming, "Jesus Boobies!!" We about died laughing...is that sacrilegious? LOL. Click here for a reenactment video.