19 November 2008

Crafty wind blows through West Valley

I've really enjoyed crafting after a 5 week break. Miekka charged me with the task (to my pleasure) of making her a Hooter Hider. I made two yesterday and appliqued three shirts for Lia she found at the DI. I invited my neighbor, Natalie Larson, over because she wanted to learn how to make both a Hooter Hider and an appliqued tee. She is expecting a girl in February! Amelia was our big little helper, sitting on my lap, helping cut, measure, and iron fabric. It took a lot longer than usual but we persevered! I hope Natalie learned something through all the chaos!
My good friend Catherine watched Amelia later yesterday afternoon while I went to shoot an outdoor session with a family of 5 kids. Catherine said Amelia was really good. I sure appreciate the Taylors for watching her. The session went really well. The kids took several candy or treat breaks to capture their attention. I love shooting outside! We were all pretty cold by the time the shoot ended. Amelia was glad to see me, and I her! She helped me make her favorite food, spaghetti and peas. After dinner she danced in the living room much to our amusement.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

Oh my your craftiness is amazing!

I love all the photos you did and I love, love, love Grayson's smile!

The Smith family came back again ... YAY for the same clients! The photos look amazing!

And seriously, Amelia is an angel! Her and Kate were so fun! They would stand by the counters and drink from their straw sippy cups at the same time and i would run to grab the camera and both would stop drinking and say "cheese" with their dimples showing and everything! Awwh, they just melt my heart! Bring her over MORE!!!!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

soo cute!! I love the cupcake!

Courtenay Beth said...

Jenni, one day I will be the one coming over for crafty tips...
Guess what....I jumped in the pool. Yes it was freezing, but I had just done a pretty sweet workout downstairs, and I lost track of time, I had to go to a meeting soon and I didn't have time for a "Cool down" so...I jumped in. Awesome.
Also, Steph get her bridals taken by lady in Rexburg, they are beautiful and I know how you like to browse photographers' websites, so here it is: http://momentsbytyra.blogspot.com/
Love you and miss you being here!