25 April 2011

Miss Amelia is FOUR

I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! My little baby girl is four today! She is the most amazing little creature alive. Her language skills are pretty amazing for a four year old. She is one of the most imaginative little girls I know. I am at a loss of words to describe how I feel about her. Simply put, I love this little girl so very much. Her well child visit is on Thursday so I will expound more at that time about her milestones and such. We are throwing a little princess tea party tomorrow afternoon. Her greatest wish and desire for tomorrow is:

A Cinderella Cake
A Princess Scooter (we got her a Rapunzel bike instead)
A Tea Party...and
A Genevieve Doll (from 12 Dancing Princesses)

It is so hard to realize 4 years passed away. Four years ago yesterday I was playing a Wii game for the first time at James and Miekka's home. My huge belly rocking back and forth as I played some racing rabbit game. My mom made it just in time to attend Amelia's birth. She stayed with us for about a week, spoiling the heck out of us. Our first memories of Amelia include:

*When the Dr put her on my tummy she reared up, waved, and gave me the most intense, comprehending stare I've ever seen in a newborn child
*She was a crier and non-sleeper from the first moments of life. All she wanted was a close snuggle and to hear "I am a Child of God"
*She faints when overwrought
*Her love of music was evident from about two months old
*Poor kid had more ear infections than a baby should ever had, put tubes in her ears at 10 mths old. One tube is still in her ear!
*Said her first words at 6 mths old (shoes, uh-oh, ma-ma, da-da), could talk in complete sentences by 18 mths old

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The Haley Family said...

happy happy birthday miss mia! We love you!