23 June 2009

Happy Father's Day

Our internet crashed so this post was "post-poned"...until today. I am glad we made it back home to celebrate Father's Day with Justin. He gets pretty lonely without us! Imagine that! Justin is a good dad. He totally enjoys the little things Mia does and tries hard to teach her right and wrong. He loves to play with her. Sunday I found a large sheet of brown paper. I spread it out on the kitchen floor and let Mia loose with the crayons. Soon Justin joined in! They had a blast drawing pictures of glasses, circles, squares, triangles, etc. The moment seemed to aptly capture their current relationship. Justin tries hard to help out around the house, especially now that it is harder to get around for me. We now have a picture of the Bountiful Temple in our livingroom. That seemed appropriate for the day as well! To remember why we are parents and those sacred covenants made in that temple. I love you Justin!!! Thanks for everything, so far!

We both talked with our Dads for a couple minutes. I forgot my dad was stateside so nearly did not try his cell phone. He was in numerous meetings but we finally managed to talk. I am grateful for my Dad and all he taught me. As the years pass my tendency to work myself to the bone grows stronger. Pain is a green light?! Right Dad!! I love the chance to actually set time aside to remember those important guys in my life: Justin, Dad, Grandpas, Brothers, Uncles, Cousins, etc. I love my Dad!!

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

What a great photo of Mia and Justin!

Seriously, the photos you took of us are amazing! I really can't wait to see all of them! Great work Jenni!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

what a sweet photo! I can't wait til Sadie is old enough to draw! :)

The Funny Farm said...

Don't over do it! It must be a Crook thing because my Mom has it like your Dad and I got it from her. I can "say" don't over do it, but it's pretty hard not to hu? We'll keep you in our prayers that you sell your house. You know, Hunter would LOVE your old bedspread - he wants to do our whole bedroom in camo. :)