19 March 2009

Feeding the Duckies

Feeding the Duckies
Conversing girl to girl
Crocheting like Mommy

The final product

Around 10 am a couple times a week tornado sirens belt out practice blasts. Yesterday Amelia was on the floor coloring when the siren started. I dropped her cup of yogurt it startled me so bad. Amelia yanked up her head and screamed, "Fire Siren!" We ran outside to watch the siren rotate around on it's pole. Luckily, the siren is right across the street from our current abode.

Yesterday Alison needed some help with Braden and Ella for 45 minutes. We met at the park for an hour of fun. It was colder than I realized but we still had a great time. The girls went down all the slides about 20 times per slide. They had a great time! Braden had fun going faster than the girls and making them laugh. Alison brought me some free bread she got at a local church food drive, we decided to go feed the ducks (2) and geese (about 20). Amelia and Ella were enthralled with the idea of throwing bread into the pond. I think they ate as much bread as they threw in.

Alison watched Amelia that afternoon while I got my hair trimmed. No need for pictures since it is pretty much the same, just shorter and a couple more layers. While dinner was on the stove Amelia and I played outside. Usually I sit on her little table/stool and crochet a hat to sell. I went inside at one point and came back out to find the little monkey sitting on the stool trying to crochet. She was VERY proud of her attempt. Maybe my dream of a child sweat shop can come to fruition!

We had another fainting episode with Amelia last night. I was bathing her and tried to brush her teeth. She must have a trigger spot on her mouth that makes her faint. I touched it with the toothbrush and she immediately went into a dead faint. Holding a wet baby in the bath is no easy task. She went limp for a couple seconds then came too. She was very upset after fainting. Guess the toothbrush touched the two spots where her eye teeth are trying to come through. She kept telling me "no mommy, owie mouth." She may be related to the famous fainting goats that some guy in our ward owns.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

That fainting is no fun - I just can't believe that - crazy!

The Haley Family said...

fainting, really? That is scary!

Thanks again for watching the kiddos! They did love to feed the ducks & geese!