29 July 2012

Riverside Zoo


This past week I was the grouchy camper. Let's just call it hormones adjusting after Everett stopped nursing. I forgot how grumpy PMS makes me. Grrrr. Justin let me watch Batman Friday night all by myself. I have no qualms going to a movie alone. It's not like there is much time to interact while watching a movie. I shared my own popcorn, drink, and gummies...with myself. It was balm to my hormonal soul. LOL. I came home 2.5 hours later much refreshed. I was preturbed to see quite a few children at the movie, young children like ages 1-8. My kids would have nightmares after watching a movie like that. Wondered what parents are thinking taking their kids to shows like that...even midnight showings.

Our ward had a fun breakfast for Pioneer Day. We celebrated the day going to the Riverside Zoo. I enjoyed passing Chimney Rock. Gave me pause to reflect on our Pioneer heritage. The zoo was in even worse condition than last year. Makes me sad to see such a nice little zoo going to waste. One Monkey even waved at us. The kids fed the ducks, aka the fish. I was creeped out by all the fish swarming over the food. Gross. Everett was the only kid brave enough to pet the little donkey and feed it. Once we reached our heat level the kids enjoyed a foray into the splash pad. Everett did not like the splashing water. Phillip ran around all the water and the perimeter. We had fun until Amelia slipped and cracked her head on the pavement. We treated the kids to lunch at Sonic. I wanted to get some fabric at the tiny, ghetto Joann's. I had all my stuff picked out in 5 minutes. It took 35 minutes to get my fabric cut and my items checked out. There was no wait. The cutting lady was slower than molasses and the lady who checked me out had to enter in each item by hand since the scanner was not working. Made me grouchy.

Everett is growing up so fast. In the past couple weeks he learned how to:

crawl (he crawls a few paces, to get under or around something...then scoots)
fold his arms and say "men"
Cruise around using the furniture
swim relatively well
loves to look at books
squeal like a pig (I am taking some joy in squirting him with a water bottle when he squeals for no reason)
stand on his head
can do the Itsy Bitsy Spider and Sunbeam song
Counts to five (he hears that way to often when I warn Phillip)
sings and dances to music
loves bubbles

Happy Pioneer Day!

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