24 December 2008

Christmas Story

Monday afternoon Grandma Diana flew in from Washington DC for a Christmas visit. We spent the morning shopping at Target and DSW Shoes (for Justin not ME). The snow was pounding down but did not last very long. After Amelia's nap we headed to Charity's for the evening.

Justin showed Mom our pictures from Jordan while she nearly nodded off...from boredom or sleep deprivation I'm not sure. The munchkins all had dinner then we sent them to play. Grant and Amelia loved playing with the doll strollers. Grant figured out to push Amelia in one. They were super cute being so nice to each other.

Libby and Charity narrated the Christmas Story for FHE. Mason was baby Jesus, Reagan the angel, Amelia and Grant were shepherds, and Ethan was a sheep. In spite of all the ruckus the spirit was there to feel and appreciate!

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