24 December 2008

O Holy Night

I am so grateful for the Christmas Story. I love our Savior. I am constantly astounded by his love for us to leave Heavenly Father's presence to provide a way back. I love the Fontaninni Creches. The emotion in the characters are imbued with passion and love, much like I feel. Each year we add a figurine to our set. This year we added the shepherd. When Christ was born the angels did not announce it to Kings or popular people, he chose to announce it to lowly shepherds who watched over their sheep. It was so fitting he is named the Lamb of God. Words of Sister Brinkerhoff often recur to me this time of year: when the wise men sought out Christ they returned home a different way. We too must find our Saviour and return or resume our lives a different way. Once we find HIM we cannot return to being the same person. Witnessing the lands where our Savior walked is becoming more precious. At the time the experience was a whirlwind of events. Pondering on what we actually saw makes this Christmas season more vivid because of the ability to set the story into a location. What a blessing! May we be like the shepherds, humble of heart and willing to find our Saviour so willingly.

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