24 July 2009

Sterling Water Park

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Sterling Water Park. It is reminiscent of the public pools all around Utah. The kids thought it was a water park because of the slides...lol. If they only knew! I now understand why Colorado has fun public pools, even the small towns. They are funded by lottery money. I wish Sidney would build a lottery funded pool. It was smokin' hot the first part of our day. The heat brought a massive thunderhead around 3:30 which shut the pool down until after 4:30. We braved the wait and enjoyed the cooler weather and empty pool afterwards. They had everyone wait in the upstairs area, we were even banned from taking a shower. I was waiting on pins and needles for word on our SECOND OFFER on the King St home. Word finally came back and we were NOT happy. More later...

Mia did not spend more than 10 minutes at a time in the pool, she gets cold easy and would rather lounge in her towel with a fruit snack. I love how she puts her sunglasses (gake-es) on upside down. Me I amused myself by toting around my camera, playing with the aperture and shutter modes. It was hard to narrow down the correct exposure with all the blazing light. I also finished embroidering a shirt for Amelia.

The kids had a blast...we went with Allison, her kids, and two other ladies and their kids. We stayed until 5:50 then made an emergency stop at Sonic for a treat to tide everyone over during the ride home. I finally tried one of their limeade creamies. Holy smokes....it was yum, yum.

We put in our second offer on Tuesday. This time we upped our offer price quite a bit, then subtracted three necessary fixes that really needed attention: carpet, exterior paint, and hvac cleaning. I spent the past week calling local people to get paper bids on the work we wanted done. Our offer was generous at best. The lady countered with the same offer as the first time, only this time she left in the appraisal adjustment IF it was ok with her. We are now trying to figure out if it's worth our time and money to pay for an appraisal before we counter. We will only do that IF she is willing to stick to the appraiser's judgement. I won't tell you my true feeling about the whole situation because it includes some naughty words.

We had another Dr appt yesterday also, the baby is BIG and growing fast. I've dreamed twice that my due date was wrong and he will come next week. I almost wish that was the case since I don't want a 9 lb baby. Mia brought her Dr bag with us to the appt. The Dr was tickled pink when she listened to the baby's heart with her stethoscope while he used his sono-machine.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

cute pictures! Love the apature...I wish I could figure out how to do that on mine. Thanks for cutting off my big butt in the picture with Amelia! :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

those are some way cute pictures! i wish I could take em as good as you do!

Taylor's said...

House offers just drive me crazy and what people actually think there house is worth drives me even more up the wall - seriously!

The pictures are darling.

AND seriously - how big do they think he will be? Amelia was little if I remember right.

Oh and a side note: Juli Wallace had a baby boy at 32 weeks. He will spend 8 weeks in the NICU.