23 June 2011

Mini Houdini

Everett is my first child who can wiggle out of any swaddle. He always ends up with one or both arms out. He hates his binky and longs for his fingers. I even safety pin the kid into his swaddle and he escapes. Miekka taught me the secret art of tight swaddling. I am an expert swaddler, he is an expert escape artist. The only time he does not get out of his swaddle is when he is deeply asleep when I swaddle him. Isn't it strange to use swaddle as a verb and noun in the same sentence? LOL.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Unknown said...

My first was an anti-swaddle baby. Sometimes you just have to go with whatever makes them happy. He just keeps getting cuter everyday!

Hope you are all on the mend and glad to hear that Amelia doesn't have to do surgery. Keep getting better.

The Haley Family said...

he is pretty cute, I can't wait to feel better so I can snuggle him! SUNDAY for sure!!! So glad Mia doesn't need surgery and that the household is feeling better! Ella had SO much fun today!!!