25 June 2011

We've Upgraded...to Baseballs


Oh yeah, baby! We got pounded with baseball size hail this evening. I could almost hear the holes punched in our roof. I found one in the front yard that was the same size as an apple. The tornado sirens blared for a couple moments since a tornado was sighted in Potter. We definitely had greenish clouds, circulation, and speedy clouds ripping in circles. It was so cool, and scary!

Last night we took the kids to see Cars 2. Wow, that was an experience. Phillip did really well until he got tired of eating popcorn and sipping his soda. Still he mostly stayed in our row only venturing out to sit on Brother Gull's lap (four times) in the seat in front of me. Amelia loved the movie until the end. It was good but the story line was a little much for 4 year old girls, meaning there were no princesses. She said her favorite part was the cute little purple car. I caught a cold now. It feels more allergy related than what Justin has. Poor guy almost hacked his lungs onto the lawn this evening. I am pounding the zicam and echinacea...go away stupid cold. Having two sick parents means extra crankiness and grumpiness all around. Patience is about razor thin right now.
One bright sun shiny spot was receiving Everett's first awake smile. He looked at me a moment then smiled a huge gummy grin. Melt me right now. He started laughing in his sleep, a breathy silly laugh. I can't call him Goat Boy anymore...he stopped crying like that. Now he starts crying with this crazy coughing noise then escalates until he turns purple, at the color purple he stops and falls asleep. Pretty amazing. Everett has a hard time in the evening. Most of the day he falls asleep in his bassinet just fine. Come dinner time he will have nothing to do with his bed only wanting to be held and burped. After 9 is when he has a hay day. He will cry until his next feeding unless Justin or I holds him. Gotta break that habit! I need some Mommy time ALONE.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

jean said...

We couldn't believe the size of the hailstones. Thanks for the amazing pictures of them. Cute pictures of the kids selling lemonade.
Grandma Jean

Mrs. Laura Kay Pettit said...

Wow! Crazy hailstones! Unbelievable! Any damage in the area?
Love the pics of the kids! I can tell Amelia's personality from the photos! Enjoy them - it will go by fast!

Unknown said...

As big as an apple! What is this stuff?!

Hope you feel better soon! And hopefully this is just a phase for Everett that he will grow out of soon.