06 January 2010

New Studio Props

He he! Justin declared my new faux floor completed yesterday! I tried it out this afternoon during Mia's nap. I am in LOVE with the floor and my cute boy. Dontcha love his cute hat? It was super windy all day blowing snow and ice around. We made a trip out for Phillip's 4 mths appointment. He weighs 13 lbs even, and is 25.5 inches long! The doctor referred me to an eye doctor in Sterling for Phillip's goopy eye. After 3 months of massaging it his eye should not still have a blocked tear duct. The eye doctor will clear his duct on Monday. I am excited to be done with the nasty eye boogers. That is the first thing people notice: "ohhh, he has a goopy eye, let me clean it." Errrr. I included a picture without a hat so you can admire his hair growth!

I am irritable due to operating on 5 hours of sleep, exercising over an hour a day, and a diet change. Mostly I just want to go to sleep. Too bad it is Justin's busy season. He leaves at 8 and gets back around 9 pm, not coming home for lunch most days. I need some adult conversation.

4 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

finally I can comment! I LOVE the new props! We'll be your test pilots too! *wink* I see twirls in bubble skirts!

He is just so cute, I need a holding session again!

Courtenay Beth said...

oh. my.....so cute! Love the floor, and the hat, but mostly that face!
Okay. I'm barfing right now at your creativity. You sort of maj=ke me sick, in a most complimentary, I am amazed, and you inspire me kind of way. I am in LOVE with your designs, the racoon...freakin SO CUTE!!!

So I'm really excited to get crafting for our baby, we'll know the gender in four more weeks, and I was thinking, for a girl there seems to be so much more to accessorize with, cutify,bedazzle etc, BUT look at how dapper your little boy is! Okay, now I'm pumped, I honestly don't have a preference of the gender, though John is really hoping for a boy :)
Love ya! Keep up the good work!

Taylor's said...

Wow - you are so good at what you do - I love the floor - I love the shirts and I am green with envy over your adorable children!

I would love it if you came for a weekend - hey I have a long week in February - maybe I will make the drive with the girls - whatcha think?

The Funny Farm said...

You can do it!!! Keep up the exercising!! I know it makes me feel better and have more energy. Shelby had a blocked tear duct when she was born - the day before the doc was going to fix it, her dad gave her a blessing and it cleared up... so you might want to try that. Love all the darling pictures!!! I just read about 10 posts - didn't realized we were married about the same time as well as had babies about the same time... you just need to adopt 6 older kids now and we'll be even! :)(and I need to learn to sew like you) I just started teaching piano lessons again too... not my favorite thing to do, but I'm trading so my kids can have lessons from someone besides me. sigh.