30 November 2011


So. Yeah. found some delicious fabric at Hobby Lobby last week. It was too fun to pass by. Said fabric is now a sweet twirly skirt and coordinating top for the 2011 Christmas season. Amelia loves the owls. I love the non-traditional Christmas colors. If you look closely at the fabric it quotes Christmas quips. It is long on purpose...should fit next year too! I also crocheted up a couple things like a newborn hammock (for a local photographer mom), a replacement pink hat (shown above), and the warm cream one (above). I have some new yarn just waiting patiently in line for a date with my hook. I {heart} new yarn.

Tomorrow evening is my first Sidney craft night. I am teaching 12 ladies how to make 5 different flowers for accessories. It should be a fun evening! I am renting a Go! Baby Cutter tomorrow. Hopefully, it will speed up the process of cutting all the circle and flowers shapes needed for my class. If I can get all the shapes cut then the class will go faster...and cleaner. Teaching mini-classes every quarter might become a good idea! It is easy to make a few bucks and share knowledge.

Phillip is being two. Imagine that. He must be growing or teething because he is not sleeping well of late. He gets up between 5-6 am now, and then a couple times during the night wanting chocolate milk, snuggles, or something. That kid has a loud pair of lungs. Phew. Yesterday morning he fell asleep on my chest around 5:15 am down in the basement. It was nice to snuggle him. Last night he decided to be awake at 1 am. Justin proved to have the Midas touch and got him back to sleep. After being sick and then restless kids at night I feel like a train ran over my head. Sorry if I am a bit testy this week. Geeze, I just need a nap. I tried to take one today but as soon as my eyes closed Everett woke up. Tried again and Phillip woke up. Tried once again then Amelia wanted white milk. Shoot. Nothing is worse than a crabby mommy.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Unknown said...

Love the fabric! What a cute skirt! Hope you can get some rest soon.

Taylor's said...

Darling outfit!!! I love it!

And new yarn - ah - I should send you mine maybe it might be made into something faster at your house than mine!

Man - I hate when I really want some shut I and I can't get it! Darn those boogers! I say . . . you need to move closer so I can watch them so you can nap!