27 May 2013

Everett's Birthday Party

Awwwww! He is two. Break my heart! Stop growing like weeds you Call children. Everett is one funny guy. He is half boy, half bossy cow. He loves to count 1-2-4-7-8 when Phillip gets in trouble. His newest phrase is "Come back here! or Come here!" with his index finger curling and uncurling. He can identify and say about 80% of the alphabet and numbers correctly. Smart kid. He can bring out the Man Diva at any moment with a full on tantrum. Course I ignore him when he goes all nut-so but still it cracks me up. He absolutely loves his monkey and kitty binkies. When he gets cranky I dump him in his crib for some binky loves. He lays down and snuggles in his Kermit the Frog blanket clutching his binkies. Sort of sad and cute at the same time. He wants to do everything by himself, if he can't accomplish whatever he tries he asks for help. At two he loves to drink milk, out eat all his siblings, and will do just about anything for a lollipop. Everett loves to read books. He loves playing the iPad, especially the Endless Alphabet game. Most of the time he is a pretty jolly kid. Lately, Phillip and Everett started to pal around. Phillip is good at showing Everett the ropes of being a boy. Phillip will demonstrate some form of boyhood and Everett will copy (ie. pounding a toy on the table and yelling like Tarzan). Everett is constantly talking, I can only understand the first and last words sounding like this: "Mommy, blahblahblah Van!"

For his party two of his nursery friends came over with their families. He loves Dani Smuin and RJ Wood. They will be great friends over the years. The kids loved the big tethered balloons. Everett went beserko with his, popping about 4 balloons. We had a simple BBQ meal with hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, baked beans, and punch. We got Everett a water and sand table, a fire truck tunnel, and a tee-ball set. He was very excited about all three gifts. Dani got him a fun book and a party blower. RJ got him a ball and bubbles. All around he was very happy with everything....until Phillip started beating him with the tee ball bat. Har-de-har. We love our cute, firecracker little boy.  

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