19 September 2012

She Left Her Teeth in Nebraska...

Thursday Courtenay "let" me play photographer with little Emmaline. She is a cutie! At 5 weeks old posing her was a bit more challenging since she wanted to be awake. We had a morning, afternoon, evening, and night session! My favorite was stuffing Emmaline into the cargo pocket of John's uniform pants. She peed and pooped right in his pocket. Miekka and Court helped me from time to time. I took a break to volunteer some time in Amelia's classroom. She was very excited to have me there. I helped two kids at the reading station make an apple booklet. Courtenay wanted some family photos so we went out after dinner for a bit. The rest of the family went to play at the park.

I found Lia crying near the swings with a huge wad of napkins in her mouth. She somehow knocked out her Right front tooth and the one to the right of the front tooth. She only had a little swollen lip...and of course two missing teeth to show for her mishap. Miekka reported she went into shock for a couple seconds after realizing Lia lost her teeth. We could not find her missing teeth. Hopefully, their dentist in Utah will have more answers for them. Lia was a trooper. She barely cried, just snuggled with Lia. I loved how Seth read her stories and helped her eat a Popsicle. What a great big brother. We stayed up late chatting with John and Courtenay. I enjoyed getting to know Everett Sr a bit better. He actually touched my leg on purpose once. He is a cute kid who says the funniest quips.

John, Courtenay, Everett, and Emmaline left early Friday morning. They wanted to get to Kansas City before night fall.  The kids needed some down time. We had some lunch at McD just to get out of the house for a while. Miekka made a thrifted shirt into a skirt for Lia and appliqued a coordinating shirt. I made a Batman shirt for Phillip, repurposed a skirt to match a sweater for Mia, and started an R2D2 shirt for Phillip. Justin introduced the boys to Star Wars. He enjoys indoctrinating young kids into the force of Star Wars. Phillip calls Everett, "ooooo, tute, baby wookie!" He can also make a passable wookie call. Lia and Mia were joined at the hip after school. They had several tea parties with the set Lia scored from the Tooth Fairy. BTW: tooth fairy, you set the standards a bit high. Now Mia will expect awesome gifts AND money.

**Everett climbed up the stairs (twice) and fell down once. He learned how to climb up the slide part way also.

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