19 September 2012

The Great Lance Sleepover of 2012


Not much is better than the chaos of visiting family. Wednesday seemed to drag along as we waited for John & Court plus kids and Miekka plus kids to arrive. I cleaned up around the house while we waited. The boys helped me unclean in the process. The weather was cool, windy, and rainy (as shown in my last post). A nice warm potato soup seemed to be a perfect choice. Boy, it was a good soup. I am not a fan of potato soup, but with enough cheddar and broccoli it was pretty tasty. The crowd showed up around 7 pm. We enjoyed a flurry of activity as everyone chose sleeping spots, ate, and played. The basement was a chaotic, joyful place to be. Phillip and Everett showed off their amazing Batman moves for me. Lia was a gorgeous rock star for a moment. I LOVE having folks visit. Come when you can!!!

Amelia woke me up around 11:30 with a really sore tummy. She moaned and cried/screamed for 30 minutes. Her lower left abdominal area had sharp pains. I figured she was really constipated but wanted to rule out more serious factors. I bundled her into a blanket and drove to the ER. She miraculously made a recovery 3 minutes into the drive. I ignored her recovery, knowing she would repeat her behavior at a much later hour. Amelia gets really silly when she is awake at odd hours. She raved about a calendar on the wall that read "P.A. The best assistant is the prompt assistant." She lay super still during the X-ray. Yep. I was right. That girl was chock full of poop. Her entire intestinal system was filled with round balls of poo. Most of the poo was dry and causing quite a bit of discomfort. The poo problem we have had is due to the deepest levels of poop that liquefy and trickle down and around all the other poop into her pants. Gross I know. Her X-Ray was super cool, she had poop balls all the way up under her ribs. The DR prescribed stool softeners, enemas, and fiber. Have you ever tried to give a 5 year old an enema...or a suppository. NOT fun. I am currently sneaking fiber powder into just about EVERYTHING she eats. Seems to me all the changes and stress with school created an anal retentive child.  

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