19 May 2008

Home Makeover

Justin was in Berkley, CA this week. He left early Monday morning and got back late Thursday night. He traveled between two locations; one would not allow cell phones or internet per security measures. Needless to say we did not talk much last week. A couple nights we caught him for family phone prayers and some daddy-bubs time.

I watched a little 3-month old baby girl, Reese, twice this past week. She is a really good baby. If my next child is like her I might consider having more than two kids. One Amelia is quite enough thank you very much. I don’t need two Jenni-type personalities hanging around. Reese took two or three long naps (once tightly swaddled), drank her bottles, had a soggy doggy diaper or two, and played/cried. No drama!!

Amelia on the other hand had a drama week. She decided fainting is cool so fainted five times last week. Funny story: I was at pack meeting Thursday night because I am the new Bear leader. After the round circle stuff the boys made magician hats for a craft. I had to help out the boys so put Amelia on the floor. A little boy must have stepped on her finger or scared her somehow. She yelped and started to squeal. Next thing I know she is in a faint. One of the leaders was close by so swooped down and picked her up, yelling for someone to call 9-1-1. I aggressively shouted that was NOT necessary and took Amelia who was now quite revived and enjoying the action. I thought this lady would bust a head gasket she was so concerned. Amelia fainted four more times after Thursday. She did not get much of a reaction out of me so stopped fainting (as much) by Sunday.

This time of year is perfect for outside bike riding. I went on two rides this past week. We discovered a relatively safe bike route going east from my home through the Lake Park business center. I only biked about 20 miles this week…that is a good start.

I had a stroke of luck on Thursday. Amelia and I had lunch with my old co-worker Sean on Thursday. Catching up on all the state gossip was amazingly fun and entertaining. Afterwards we headed to Valley-scare mall for Amelia’s photo appointment. While waiting for the pictures to print out I stopped by Pearle Vision to get my glasses adjusted. Amelia likes to pull them off my face so they were feeling a bit loose. While the tech adjusts my glasses I heard her mutter, “oops!” The left arm broke off at the solder joint due to stress. Luckily, she broke them so the store gave me a brand new pair of frames and the attaching sunglasses to boot! I am not a lucky person so that was a rare stroke of luck!

Justin helped me put the last few strokes of paint onto the stairs next door on Friday. Yes, it took me 5 days to paint the dang set of stairs. Can anybody say, dynamite? Now say, blow up stairs with dynamite. Feel better? I do. We installed a new security light outside our front door. It looks much nicer than the rusty contraption previously outside. I had fun paint all our outdoor trim and touching up our house numbers with black paint. Our home has some curb appeal now! I also got a touch-up with a new haircut and some summer shirts.

We enjoyed spending time with Laura and her 3 girls before they left for Arizona Saturday morning. Laura made a very yummy chicken potpie for dinner. We played outside with the kids until sunset. Amelia LOVED the kid-sized motorized car Libby and Mason were driving. Each kid had a couple spins with the bigger kids. Amelia was laughing hysterically. It was a sight to see. Sunday we had stake conference. The talks were all amazing. I especially loved the First Counselor’s talk on being prepared. It is very hard to ignore the promptings from the spirit to get our home organized and prepared for eventual difficulties. We are making progress. The Pettitt’s invited us over for Sunday dinner. Jana picked Amelia and I up and drove us all to Mt Green in the Suburban. Justin had to catch a plane to New Jersey so stayed behind. Uncle Matt roasted pork tenderloin on the grill. It was very, very tasty. I was really glad to see Aunt Sally, her new fiancĂ©, and two kids. We had a very nice evening in the backyard listening to the hummingbirds zip from here to there and talking amongst ourselves. Amelia kept us entertained with by saying, “DQ” and other various little quips. Today she learned how to say, “spit it out.” This week she also learned how to say “amen” before that she would say “all done.” She looked mighty sweet in the new bonnet I sewed for her. Thanks Catherine for the inspiration.

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Taylor's said...

You are quite the woman. I remember when Jeff traveled a lot; I think all I did was stay at home or do the regular shopping! You keep yourself quite busy . . .good for you!

I have to say the talk the Stake President gave or the little burp on the "laying on of hands" to children was classic!