09 June 2008

I Love Biking

I love to bike outside. During the winter I bike on a trainer, which is quite boring. Amelia and I started going on bike rides three times per week for the past two weeks or more. She gets very excited when I prepare her bike trailer and tries to buckle herself into the trailer. I stuff lots of food, toys, and drink to keep her amused for an hour. Then we are off coasting in the early morning sunshine. Nothing feels better than the warm sun on my skin, soft scented air, the black pavement, and the rushing wind on my face. Justin found a new route that takes me about 45-50 minutes a couple weeks back. It is close to our home and not terribly risky with a bike trailer. This morning I stopped at a long traffic light and heard Amelia singing the Primary song, Hello, Hello and imitating the chirping birds. I am so glad we enjoy our bike rides!!!

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

So fun!

That brings back memories of Malisia that young when I was training for a marathon. Poor Malisia went for hours in ours; and took her naps and everything!

I want to know the bike route! I will join you . . .that is IF I can keep up with you!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

aww how fun! She looks like she's having a blast! say, when are you guys coming out here?