02 June 2008

Visit to Logan

Amelia and I drove up to Logan early this morning to visit my Grandparents and Raquel, Emma, and Elijah (Justin's sister). We left at 7:45 and arrived in Wellsville at 10:00...road construction made the commute longer than usual. Grandma and Grandpa are replacing their kitchen and bathroom floors so the house was in disarray. Amelia and I visited for an hour then met Charity, Melissa, and Raquel (et al.) at Artic Circle for lunch. Afterwards we played at a really fun park for a little while. The kids had fun on the swings and play areas. Emma shared the rest of her birthday cake and ice cream as a treat. Her cake was Cinderella! Very pretty just like Emma. Amelia fainted due to a plighted cousin collision. Elijah slept most of the time, sharing smiles to Mason. All the babies love Mason!! That is a good sign of a perfect personality. Around 3 pm I met my Uncle Dave at the Logan DWS office and helped him apply for Medicaid for my Aunt Mary. She has ALS so is in constant pain and need of hospice care. On our way out of town we stopped at the Baerwaldts again for an hour. Amelia sang her version of the ABCs for everyone.

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Taylor's said...

What a whirlwind . . . too bad Amelia fainted . . . but at least it was with a cousins she did it . . we would not want anyone telling you to call 9-1-1 again (wink, wink).