09 July 2008

Boring Week

Just thought I'd pop in a small note. Dad, Mom, and da boyz arrived safely in Jordan Monday morning (our time). They are tired but happy to be there. Dad is already meeting with Princes and Princesses as the current attache is training dad and introducing him to all the important folks. How would you like to say, "I met Prince Numair today" in a nonchalant voice? Goodness gracious.

Justin's foot is very colorful. He said the bruising extends to his toes, the other side of his foot and up his lower leg. We are considering amuptation if it does not get better soon.

I am going to California!!!!!!!!! Finally, Justin's work approved travel for me after a lot of grief. I can't wait to visit with Jessica and craft away. I also can't wait to smell the garlic wafting though my home town of Gilroy (the garlic capital of the WORLD). Dad meets princes and I eat garlic. Awesome.

Amelia said "I love you" for the first time yesterday. We were leaving Aunt Charity's after an hour of swimming and dinner. She said her customary bye-byes when I prompted her to say, "I love you"! She actually did! It was super cute and melted my heart. She is walking like a pro now. She carries her mi-mi under her arm and toddles around the kitchen pulling food out of the pantry. This is a fun game. I totally understand the sense of "fun" since my sister and I used to play house and McDonald's. The game went as follows:

During nap time Mom would send us to our room for a nap. We didn't sleep. Instead we would pull all our clothing off the hangers and out of drawers, remove the sheets and mattresses from our beds, pile all our belongings in the middle of floor. Jana, the bossy one, would then stand in the closet and order me around. I would have to beg for hamburgers only to get an itchy dress passed from Jana in the closet. I imagine we switched sometimes. After nap time we spent the next 3 hours confined to our room cleaning up the mess. My mom became so exasperated with us that she only allowed two outfits apiece, two shoes, no sheets, and no toys. We still played. I remember that game was so much fun. I tried to play it the other day in the guest room but it was not so fun. Amelia would not stay in the closet and boss me around. LOL.

3 Stupendous Remarks:

Unknown said...

I'm glad to know that my daughters are not the only ones that play that game. I finally took their clothes down to the bare necessities because they would have them all over the floor and nothing was in their drawers ... and this was the day after I did laundry. However, I don't recall hearing them order hamburgers or taking the sheets off the beds (thank goodness for small miracles!). :)

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

I can't wait to see you too! It will be fun to eat lots of garlic. I don't mind taking the hit for the team on that one. Rory might though. lol.

Taylor's said...

So fun . . . California! Finally! I am so glad to hear you are going now!

Sorry about the call yesterday (or the other day); I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Allison Moon had her little baby boy, Max Higgins Moon on July 8th! He is sure cute from the pictures!

Also, about meeting prince and princesses . . . my brother did the same thing! It drives me absolutely nuts!