03 July 2008

Temple Trip

We went to the temple last night with some of the Lance family. I was finally able to attend the temple with my sister Jana, Grandma Jean, and Grandpa Lynn for the first time. The session was good! I love seeing family in the Celestial room because it reminds me of our eternal nature as a family. Surprisingly I did not doze off during the session. Lately, dozing during a temple session seems to be the going rate. I am so grateful for the gospel and the refuge it provides. Everything surrounding God has a pleasant symmetry and clear understanding. I am grateful for the peace of God in the storm of this worldy life.

Having Dad around is like being sucked into a cyclone. Luckily, since I am Justin's problem now Dad can't boss me around. He has a glitter of glee in his eyes as he sends Jeremy and Jared scurrying hither and thither on tasks of some importance. They are being good sports. Watch out boys...Dad is back!! As promised we've had a party week so far. Dinner Monday night at Mom's. Dinner Tuesday at the Baerwaldts in Wellsville. Dinner last night after the temple. Tonight and tomorrow are the last hurrah events before Dad, Mom, Jeremy, and Jared fly out to Jordan. Fluffy (Jeffrey) is having fun blasting fireworks as often as possible. I think he spent an entire paycheck on fireworks. LOL! He should be a pyrotechnic after the army.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

Taylor's said...

So fun!

I have to say and am ashamed to say it but, Tuesday was the first time I was able to make it to the temple for a session in about oh before Kate was born. It was great to be there and just me be there; no friends, no husband, no family; what a way to clear your head and think!

Hope all everything goes off without a hitch for your family adventures. And THANK YOU so much for covering me on Sunday with my calling!

Jenni Call said...

I am glad you were able to go! Next time you go Justin (AND I) will sit on your kids for you.