30 October 2008

Jerash & Ajloun

Daddy and Bubs
Scary guy trying to kill me
Cute Family
Crammed in a little space

Tuesday morning we set off for a day trip to Jerash with Justin and Courtenay. We were gone nearly the entire day! I really enjoyed Jerash the second time. We investigated more of the sites and took our time. Amelia was in a much better mood so that was a plus. Justin seemed impressed with Hadrian's Arch and it's massive size...he said it "was old". Justin noticed a cool mosaic near the Hippodrome. The home even had a mosaic welcome mat! LOL

We also investigated a couple old churches on the western side of the Temple of Artemis. I found a really long millipede munching on a seed pod. On the ground we found some seed pods that resembled a paper flower. Courtenay and I enjoyed posing for the camera as Greek Goddesses. She cracks me up.

After Jerash we stormed the souk area for souvenirs. Courtenay discovered a cute necklace and Justin got a goat hair scarf holder thinger. We ate lunch while mom drove us to Ajloun, about 30 minutes away. The heavens opened up their fury dumping buckets of rain as we made our way up a steep hill to the castle. Mom was a trooper manuvering the car through the streams of water racing down the road. I thought the rain added a sense of romance to the castle. Mist shrouded the landscape around the castle. Mom stayed in the car with Amelia to take a nap. We took umbrellas and braved the torrent of rain tumbling through the castle. Quite literally two of the museum employees broke a hole in the top of the ceiling to allow the water to drain there was so much water collecting on the roof. We were ankle deep in muddy water. That was a real experience of how castle living really was not romantic.

I drove home to give mom a break. We dined on Jordanian hot dogs for dinner. I thought they were yummy; in spite of the dire warnings Jeremy and Jared gave us.

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Taylor's said...

Jenni you should make the cute picture of all you guys for your Christmas card! I love it!