31 December 2008

Married Four Years

Yesterday Justin and I celebrated four whole years of marriage! Guess what? We still love each other. It's been a fun four years. The first two years now seem empty without Amelia to fill them and not as exciting with out job changes and moving. Since we married four years ago we've:
stayed in the same home
Justin's worked at KPMG
I worked as a trainer for the DWS state agency, then quit that job once Amelia came
We welcomed Amelia
Bought Grey Skull (my Toyota)
Decorated our home
Bought several guns and a lot of ammo
Worked up to a full year supply of food and basics
Started a photography hobby/business
Loved living with family nearby, especially Mom and the boys
Served in many callings in the Balmoral Ward
Biked, walked, and played up and down all the nearby streets
Ate a Del Taco's Dollar night only once
Vacationed in Cancun, Cozumel, Disneyland (three times), Gilroy (twice), Anchorage, Washington DC, and Jordan
and on and on!
Justin and I enjoy a fun relationship. We are both equally nerdy in totally different ways, so we get the odd snort or giggle at interesting times. We totally love Amelia and can't wait to add more nerds to our clan. So, cheers to Nerds in LOVE.

PS: we celebrated by cleaning our house for a potential buyer; visited Mom, Charity, Raquel, and Melissa; and had yummy sushi at Mikado's. We arrived at Mikado's early enough to catch their "Happy Hour." YES!

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Taylor's said...

Your anniversary sounds like more fun then we had driving to Wyoming and going to Allison's mother's funeral but hey, you do what you have to do because you love each other! Congrats on 4 years!