14 December 2008

No Snow

Here was Amelia's first reaction to the snow that fell yesterday! She was not to excited about how cold it turned out to be. We all had a fun day enclosed in our warm home watching the snow fall outside the windows. Justin put on "Elf" and I made gingerbread cookies in our jammies. James and Miekka invited us to babysit Seth & Jacob. Marissee's kids were there as well, Hannah, Maggie, Sofie, and Caleb. The noise level of 7 kids was pretty intense. All the kids played well together, even after a couple knock-outs between Jacob and Caleb. Justin organized a macaroni and cheese eating contest. Amelia ended up eating nearly a whole box of macaroni herself. After the other kids were finished she crawled up on the table and consumed what was left on the plates. In order to watch Wall-E everyone had to don their PJs and sit quietly. Fun times!!
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