26 April 2009

Amelia's Birthday

There's not too much to add except pictures!! Alison brought over her four kids for cuppy cakes and ice cream around 4 pm. Amelia stoically defended her stash of toys from Ella. It was almost comical! She is not too great at sharing yet. Amelia was shining with pleasure when her cake candles were lit and we sang Happy Birthday. She promptly blew up her bangs instead of blowing out her candle. We opened a couple gifts from Grandma Debbie and other's I got with her kitchen. Here is a list of what she received:

Fisher Price play kitchen, train puzzle, play food, dolly, mixer, tin pans, skirt/shirt/monkey shoes, cash register, color book, crayons, and fruit book.

All day we told her little stories about her first day here on Earth. When she was first placed on me Amelia raised her head, saluted, and then went limp. That moment of clarity is still very precious to me! She's been a hard baby as far as sleeping is concerned, but we are working through it. She talks non-stop, much to our amusement. After her little party I took a nap at 6 pm! Then we went to the ice cream store (DQ) for a birthday hamburger.

2 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

The cake was delish!! Just wait until Sunday...Ella may have payback nonsharing! :) Matching dollys will be fun!!

Taylor's said...

So cute! And the kitchen is great! Where did you find that one?