17 May 2009

Custom Shirts and Hat

I had a couple orders this week from a gal here in Sidney. I forgot to photograph one of the shirts, it was an initial shirt for a little girl named Victoria. Like a goober I messed up an order on Etsy already by switching two orders. I made the lady another hat, she ordered one hat but got a shirt instead. Luckily, she is a vendor too on Etsy so quickly mailed back the shirt and I whipped up two new hats and popped them in the mail on Friday. Geesh...I must be pregnant. I think the horse shirts turned out pretty cute. Alison invited me over Thursday evening for some crafting. She made the cutest hibiscus shirt ever...you may see one of those shortly...if I can find the right colored shirt. We all had fun gabbing about this and that. Thanks Justin for the night off!!!

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The Haley Family said...

Hibiscus post coming as soon as I finish the tree shirt! A busy little bee I have been! It is one of my favorites so far!

Of course, yours are awesome! As always!