21 May 2009

My hands hurt!!

I've been a busy, busy bee this week. I cranked out an outfit and three shirts for two local ladies Monday and Tuesday. Since my craft area was a complete mess I kept on going. Alison and I found the cute polka dotted material at Hobby Lobby. We made the girls matching dresses on Wednesday. Don't you love the huge ric rac? I do! Alison made a hibiscus shirt last week. As promised I made one too. Hers is a bit cuter due to a brown shirt, but this blue one is way too fun as well. I made my first ruffled skirt today. It was not as hard as my mind made it out to be. All I had to do was adjust the stitch length and sew a loose stitch across the top of the ruffled part, then pull the bobbin thread to gather the ruffle. The shirt was a problem! I wanted something simple but matchey since the fabric is so busy. My solution? I ripped out the bib of the shirt, added the fabric (which I gathered with elastic to create a gathered effect), and sewed the bib back on! I am tired! One more outfit to go...I am so excited to finally get to my apples and pear fabric. Maybe tomorrow my craft area will get some much needed cleaning.

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Taylor's said...

Holy cow you are cranking out super cute things! I need to get started now that Malisia is out of school.