13 August 2009

Nearly There

Phew! I've worked hard the last couple days! Most of the work was unconscious...the Dr said I am dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced! Amelia came very quickly after I reached a 4 so we could have a new little boy any day now. Yipee! My main project of the week was to crochet four hats for Alison's little girl, Ella. Three down and one more to go. I wanted to get Amelia's fall outfits completed but my motivation is about zero. At least crocheting takes little effort. I made up a super cute new pattern, Mia tried out the hat before we gave it to Ella.

Yesterday we had a fun day. I took Ella and Mia visiting teaching with me. Our venture started at 9:50 and ended at 1:30...phew! VT with two toddlers was entertaining! Two of my ladies live in Potter, a town about 20 minutes away. We visit one at the library because she works three jobs to pay for her kid's college tuition. The other lady met us for lunch at the Sundry cafe. I always over order for toddlers, not know how much will be eaten. Both girls chowed their cheese sandwiches but avoided the PB&J like the plague. I enjoyed a yummy Reuben sandwich. The lady we visited at the cafe is the Second Counselor in the RS. We enjoyed a good visit. Only one more to go for the month!

My main goal in writing is to post new videos and give an update on Amelia. Her little imagination is starting to take off. She loves to dress up in her tutu, fairy wings, and have her nails painted. The other evening she imitated a frog for the first time. Her favorite games include putting puzzles together, playing kitchen, and using her large muscles. Amelia loves to climb. Her little step-stool is a constant accessory used to climb up onto the counter, into bed, look in the mirror, and open doors. She even started a load of wash using her stool to reach the buttons. I discovered her pouring herself a bowl of M&Ms for breakfast on Tuesday...on top of the microwave. The same day she called me frantically for help, the little stinker was sitting on top of the fridge. I am having to put her time out more often for hitting and whining. Usually she carries for 10-20 minutes then suddenly snaps out of her little funk and apologizes. The biggest surprise is her ability to recognize letters. We were snuggling one morning and she noticed Justin's pillow had lettering on it (regular firm). She pointed to the "M" and said "mom, it's m like Monkey and A like Mia!" I was floored!

She is sleeping like a charm in her princess bed. She giggles every night when I tuck her into the princess sheets. We do get little surprise visits once in a while. A couple nights ago I about jumped out of my skin when a cold hand pressed my belly button. She was standing there binky in mouth with her hand on my belly. She's surprised Justin several times by the bathroom door at 7:00 am. I need to work on her nap situation. She naps with me but takes about an hour to fall asleep. It is pretty annoying, yet cute to try and nap with a wiggly toddler.

Here are a couple new videos:
Puh-le-ase and Scabies

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Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

well good luck on this next adventure! i'll be looking for those sweet baby boy pictures!

The Haley Family said...

and the hats are so awesome! You'll love the pink I found at hobby lobby today. The perfect fall pink!!! You're awesome!!