29 October 2009

Catch Me If You Can

Busy as a bee! That is the story at our new house! This week I finished our bedroom, Phillip's bedroom, and most of Mia's bedroom. The living room now has a couch AND love seat and a couple pictures hung. The kitchen is about 90 percent completed. I am still missing a box of decorating stuff for the living room. I even started on the basement this evening! Justin and Brother Siler took a huge load of boxes, packing paper, and the old dryer to the dump on Wednesday. Now the garage is mostly empty so we can park in it...just in time before a nasty snow storm hit this evening. We have a nice 4-5 foot drift on the south side of our house. The snow comes in side ways here in Nebraska creating awesome snow formations. I have a healthy respect for the Martin and Willey hand cart companies who were stranded not too far from us in similar blizzard conditions. The freeways are closed for today and probably tomorrow morning. I was so busy cleaning and organizing that I did not get dressed for the day until 2:30. For dinner I made a delicious Taco Soup to warm bellies after shoveling or playing in the snow.

Before the snow hit we had a balmy but cloudy day. I took a couple pictures of the kids on Monday (the ones shown) but it was freezing cold. Needless to say they weren't very cooperative. These were the best shots. The next day was the balmy day so we went out again and had an awesome session. I am still editing those puppies. Plus, the Bishop's son is going to be baptized on Monday. His mother requested a photo shoot. You can view his pictures on my photo blog.

Phillip weighs 10 lbs 12 oz as of Tuesday. He is now 22.75" inches long and oddly has a normal sized head. I am constantly surprised our kids have normal head sizes. His weight is in the 30th percentile and his height is in the 65th percentile. The doctor was a little concerned about his noisy breathing. When he breathes his trachea collapses a little creating a strange sucking noise as he struggles to breathe. He scheduled us to go see a pulminologist in Scottsbluff on the 17th of November. He said not to worry too much since soft trachea's are some what common but wants us to check it out.

The last bit of news is that both Amelia and I got haircuts on Wednesday. Mine is super cute...photos pending. He stacking up the back so I no longer have flat hair syndrome and cut it short again. Mia just got a bang trim and the ends trimmed. I love her eyes so am glad to see them again.

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The Haley Family said...

I can totally take pictures if you want me to! I am going to TRY and take costume pictures before the T&T...I hope the wind stops! The house is looking awesome!