05 October 2009

Fall Crafts

Here are some of the outfits and hats I completed last week. Our kitchen table was overly cluttered with my sewing machine and fabric most of the week. I'd snatch a minute here and there to get something completed. I feel happy that Amelia and Phillip have coordinating fall outfits. I can't wait to try them on for our next outing. There are still 6 more outfits to finish before Amelia's wardrobe is complete for the winter season. Crafting will be much easier once my craft room is unpacked and organized. How wonderful it feels to say that!

4 Stupendous Remarks:

The Haley Family said...

I love it all, of course! I think you'll have a job of teaching me how to crochet this winter! I am seriously STILL drooling over Mia's orange hat...really I'm wiping my mouth right now! ha ha! I'm giddy for you thinking about your craft room, yeah!

Taylor's said...

Holy cow - I love the crocheted flowers - I totally want that pattern - Conference Weekend was good for you and the good 'ol crochet hook!

And Phillip is getting so dang big! Head up and looks just like his sister.

And I have to say I did not recognize Justin with the facial hair - I must say - I am liking it!

And craft room - once that thing gets up and running and I headed out for sure nothing is going to stop me!

Courtenay Beth said...

Oh SNAP, I forgot to comment on THIS post, I commented on a few down, so check the comment from the parade. These are WAY too cuyte Jenni, Love the crochet flower! And your little man is beautiful! Can't wait to squeeze him! Hey, I want to make something for him, any requests? Are you up to your ears in blankies and hats and onesies? I want to make him something useful, the problem is, YOU are so darn crafty, what would I make that you haven't already??? Let me know :)

Brittney said...

There you go...being super mom again! You are like the energizer bunny! Could you zap me with some of your motivation and creativity! How do you fit it all in???