27 January 2010

Cute Kiddos

This picture is sorta blurry but I love the expression of bliss on his face and those chubby knees!

Can sort of hold on to his toes when helped

High-Centered, aka, the banana boat

Gotta love those drool strings!

4 Stupendous Remarks:

Madison Grunig said...

Oh my word he is so adorable. Those chubby knees are to die for and I love the banana boat with the tongue hanging out. He is so dang cute!

Courtenay Beth said...

These are so cute Jenni!
Wanted to say thanks for the call, you're so sweet, your message was so so sweet! Thanks for your concern, all is well...ish :) Love you guys!

The Haley Family said...

They turned out too cute!!! Loved helping out!

Taylor's said...

They are great!

Did you find out about your Mom? Do you still want me to come your way or are you coming my way? Either way I am fine with!