04 February 2010

Mmmmm, toe-licious

I have very exciting news: Phillip finally discovered his toes! Monday morning he rolled over during a diaper change and clasped his toes. We've all tried to get him interested in holding his toes but until that moment he was not very interested. Now he is like a little wobble ball, all curled up with his toes. I LOVE this stage! He really reminds me of a bouncy baby boy. Amelia was already sitting up on her own by 5 months old. Phillip is a little slower, but totally on track. Now that he has toes to entertain him he lasts longer on the floor all by himself. This morning he discovered that his toes reach his mouth and that toes are fun to suck on. Amelia was very excited and tried to suck her toes too. She gave up after a couple tries because it was boring. Instead she crawled in Phillip's crib to take a nap and have "binky love". What a crazy little lady. Lately, she started posing for pictures. Most of her poses are totally hilarious and not natural. I need to post a couple examples one day.

Since Monday Mia has not slept well due to growing pains in her legs. Last night she was up for two hours in pain. I rubbed her little leggies with peppermint lotion then snuggled her until she fell asleep. I love that she put her warm hands on my cheek as a reassurance I was still there. Those little touches are so fleeting and wonderful. When I finally returned to my bed she muttered, "Thanks, mom you are so warm and cozy like my socks." Ahhhh, melt my heart.

Piano lessons are going well. So far I have 6 maybe 7 students split between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mia took a voluntary nap three days this week. Since binky is confined to bedtime she often wants to go to bed for binky loves. Tuesday this turned out to be a disaster since she cried for nearly the whole hour I tried to teach. Once she gets through this growth spurt her mood "should" improve...I am so glad for an extra excuse to practice the piano.

I will leave you with a couple more pictures of rose flowers I made as photo props:

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Her Royal Highness said...

Love those pics - all of them! So, did she cry AFTER we left on Tuesday for the whole hour? Maybe you can tell her that the boys will bring those books back on Tuesday... :D That has to be so hard. I'm sure she'll figure it out soon. As for the growing pains, I can so relate. I spent many-a-night huddled in the fetal position while my legs got this long. It's horrible. You're such a wonderful mommy to snuggle with her! She loves you so much. keep up the good work, Momma!
(And I'm totally diggin' those flowers! Well done!)

The Haley Family said...

Love all of the pictures, they are so cute! I think I will have some black back drop ones of drew in his Sunday best! :) Piano, maybe your nursing basket can double as the piano basket too?


Taylor's said...

Okay so when I come are you going to show me how you do that and make them? Pretty, pretty, pretty please and I can't wait to kiss that little boy or yours and Kate can't wait for her Amelia!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

that's soo sweet what amelia said to you..i can't wait til sadie says stuff like that, assuming she'll be sweet to me...har har!

Brittney said...

Those are sure fancy! FUN STUFF! I love your green hat with the brim too! How do you do that?

Natalie said...

You have GOT to be kidding me! I'm JUST NOW seeing a picture of your baby for the first time. WOW, he is so handsome! A little man!

Sorry I haven't gotten on here sooner, I'm finally more adjusted to "life" so I'll stop by every now and then so I can envy your incredible talents. :)