25 April 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia Jean

Our little girl is three years old today. It is hard to believe three years have gone by so fast. She started out life at 6 lbs 13 oz and 28 inches long. Wednesday she weighed in at 28.5 lbs and 36.5 inches tall. Her personality grows every day with her expanding vocabulary and language experimentation. Amelia was a very fussy infant and a horrible sleeper. Now she crawls into bed when she is tired to take a nap. She got a double dose of stubbornness from her parents and shows it quite often. We are hoping to have her potty trained before Elementary school. I think nicknames are very revealing! Hers include: Mia, Sassy Pants, Merry Mia, Amelia Jean Cuter than a Jelly Bean, Diva, Stinker, and Bubs. This little girl has us wrapped around her little finger. We gladly oblige! She is delightful, sassy, precise, and opinionated. Her love of music runs deep. We noticed her love of music around 6 months of age as she listened to the MoTAB perform. I will never forget the look of clarity she gave me right after being born. That little girl looked at me, waved, and held her head up high. She's done that every since then. My greatest hope is that she continues to hold her head high and face whatever this life gives her. Justin and I can hardly believe a person so cute and perfect was given to us.

Amelia is sweet, loves to cuddle, is imaginative, loves to imitate others, adores her little brother, loves her parents, and loves anything princess. She is very friendly and will talk to anyone without hesitation! I love her clear green eyes and smile dimples. She prefers hats over "ponies." Amelia loves books, music, and tea parties...and anything Mom is doing she wants to do too. She even exercises with me with her baby green weights (the .5 lbs ones).

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Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

happy birthday to Amelia!