20 April 2010

Worm Dessert

Sounds yummy, huh?! Amelia loves to find worms in the dirt outside, which inspired me to make a dirt dessert for FHE. We made vanilla chocolate chip pudding, crushed some oreos, and stuck in gummy worms into a glass. It is actually really delicious and fast! Too bad it is not healthy too. Justin gave Phillip and oreo to enjoy, boy did he enjoy it. I think he actually ate 2 or 3 cookies. He had cookie crumbs stuck in his neck rolls, behind his ears, and in other cracks. Yep, he went sink tubbing. Sink bathing is really convenient. It is fast, at waist height, and perfect for sitting babies. The main attraction were the blind tabs. Our FHE lesson was on saying "I am Sorry." Amelia spends more time in time out for not apologizing than she should. I think she enjoyed the role-playing since mommy had a tantrum and went to time out until I apologized for hitting daddy. Our family LOVES the Nursery Manual for FHE. Fast, quick, and perfect for little toddlers.

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Taylor's said...

I so need to do that for FHE . . . get the nursery manual for FHE!