24 June 2010

Dirty Business

Phillip is starting to explore his surroundings with gusto! I constantly find him wedged under furniture, stuck under tables, and inside my shelves. Amelia was not an explorer, so this is sort of new for us. When he first starts to unseat himself onto his tummy, he does this funny hand pat move on the floor. Cracks me up. He can now re-sit himself from his tummy too and rocks on his knees. His preferred method of locomotion is to get on his knees and launch himself forward. During dinner hour he can be found slobbering all over my feet, tickles like crazy!

My little garden has made a total comeback. All the plants are at least 4-6 inches tall. My lettuces are taking over, we are enjoying yummy salads with different types of lettuce. I wish lettuce and tomatoes came at the same time. After 8 months of meaning to fill up our emergency water supply, I finally accomplished that task. It took two long hoses from the outside spigot to run down into the basement in order to fill the containers. While I was tightening the hose connections Phillip explored the garage floor. He was black with dirt from his toes to his face. I took a couple pictures before the worst of it came. We compounded the mess with watermelon and homemade yogurt pops. Both kids were dirty birdies.

I am finally proud to announce that my craft room is clean. It made sense to put everything back in order so I can make a new mess. The basement got some TLC which required several runs to the Salvation Army to donate stuff. The rest of our week was busy with cleaning, gardening, swimming at the pool, walks, piano lessons, and general silliness.

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