22 June 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Phew! We made it home, obviously, in one piece, or rather four pieces. We started our journey home early at 3:30 am. By 11:30 we were in Cheyenne! I was so glad we hit the mid-point at breakfast, eating at the same place we ate on the journey out. Justin wanted to look at a western store in Cheyenne so we stopped for a diversion. Amelia has a fun pair of pink boots, a new hat, play pistols, Phillip a hat, and me, my first cowgirl hat. It is pretty cute! Justin didn't get anything. Oh, the irony. While I nursed Phillip, Justin and Amelia went on a walk. They noticed a free horse ride around historic Cheyenne. We all went on a 30 minute ride learning about the local history. That was a super fun activity. Plus it felt awesome to stretch our legs. Nothing is better than home. Everything was in order and no huge catastrophic hail damaged my garden again. I actually really enjoyed getting home around 3:30 because we got unpacked, cleaned up, and ready for Sunday. Amelia delighted us by wearing her pistols, red boots, and hat around the side-yard shooting ants. That kept me in stitches.

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