28 July 2010

11 Months Old

One month left until Phillip turns one year old. I want to hit pause at this stage for a while longer. He is happier crawling around and still snugly. Phillip is trying so hard to talk. He will mimic syllables that sound nearly like the word, at least to us. In just four weeks he learned how to crawl, stand up on furniture, say 4 new words, play peek-a-boo, and fall in love with flap books. This kid loves books. He crawls into his room just to play with books. So far he loves: Baby Elmo, DK Peek-a-Boo Animals, Goodnight Animals, and the Little Feet book. He is a hard baby to change into clothes and diapers. We've had many sessions trying to teach him to stay still for 1 minute. He is getting better.

Phillip's words include: peek-a-boo, oh boy, uh-oh, bye, ruff-ruff, grrrrr, hi, all done, and ah-ia (amelia) plus the normal vowel sounds like ma-ma and da-da. He eats regular table food cut into finger sized bits. I only occasionally puree his food when we have a meal with ingredients difficult to separate. My floors are swept about twice a day now or else he will vacuum for me. Just last week he started trying to dance to rhythms. What a hilarious sight! He loves music like Amelia. My guess is he weighs about 18 lbs right now. Not too chubby but not too skinny, just right! He makes me want to have about 10 more babies. Such a delight. I love when Amelia and Phillip make each other laugh. It is about the closest to heaven on earth I get.

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